Sample - "Daddy's Girl" DKB-1

Release Date: May.23.2012
Running Time: 0:00:30
Category: DKB-1 Daddy's Girl

Starring: Sinja Wells & David Knight

Drop dead gorgeous Sinja Wells explodes onto the screen in her film debut!

Susan Cabot is a spoiled rich girl, but when her father, a ruthless tycoon, cuts off her money, she takes matters into her own hands. Susan arranges to have herself kidnapped. But she never counted on a half crazed kidnapper determined to make it look real! Forcefully abducted from her own bedroom, the half naked girl is pushed into a strange home and a week of terror! 

Double crosses and triple crosses abound as the frightened girl is put through ordeal after ordeal! Who will live and who will die? 

"Daddy's Girl" has a beautiful heroine and 14 great bondage scenes! Sinja is tightly bound and silenced by cleave gags, ball gags and tape! There are on screen abductions, escape attempts, hand gags and a chloroform scene! Her top is stripped from her on screen, and clothespins torment her lovely breasts. She has both high heel and stocking foot scenes! Yow!! 

You've got to check out "Daddy's Girl"! It's nearly 2 hours of bondage excitement, featuring the debut of an actress who will leave you breathless! 


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