Release Date: Oct.10.2012
Running Time: 1:17:16
Category: DKB-18 "STOLEN JEWELL"

Starring: Jewell Marceau * Juliet Heart
To Love, Honor and Enslave! White slaver Ed Holliday made this promise to his beloved Marla. And in the vicious world of white slavery, everybody knows, the 5th Anniversary is Jewell! Jewell Marceau that is! World-renowned beauty and bondage superstar Jewell Marceau falls into the rope filled clutches of David and Juliet, and the results are going to blow your socks off! 

Kidnapping Jewell from the airport, Ed brings his tightly bound and gagged present home for his lady Marla. This time there will be no check at the end of the day and a “see you later” for Jewell! Ed and Marla are going to play with their toy, and play with her hard until it is time to crate her up and sell her to the highest bidder. 

See the gorgeous Jewell bound tighter and tighter. Her elbows are lashed together, her nipples clothes pinned and clamped and her breasts roughly fondled by both villains. She is tightly, viciously gagged again and again with ball gags, harness gags, stuffed cleave and wrap gags! Her dainty feet are clad in spike heels and boots, and she has both stocking foot and barefoot scenes, including and incredible toe tie! Juliet even tickles the helpless damsel before lustily groping her huge breasts! Evil Ed Enterprises has a Jewell of a catch here, and it looks like no one can save her from her fate! 

“Stolen Jewell” is a gasp a minute bondage adventure from David, Juliet and the House of Thrills! 78 HOT minutes of tight ropes, tighter gags and all the bondage excitement you’ve come to expect from KnightStorm Films! Jewell Marceau has never been sexier and never been better. And she has never been in bigger trouble!

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