Release Date: Dec.09.2012
Running Time: 1:38:27
Category: DKB-23 "SUDDENLY GONE!"

Starring: TOMIKO
Breathtakingly beautiful TOMIKO makes her David Knight Bondage debut in this red-hot feature length bondage thriller! 

Tomiko is Melody James, a television reporter hot on the trail of a string of missing women. But the man responsible is also looking for the super-sexy reporter. She is just what he needs to complete his set! Lured to his home Melody is soon the bound and gagged captive of a raging madman! Over the next 4 days he will strip her, grope her soft, tender breasts and dress her as he desires, all to please his depraved clients! 

The helpless girl moans into her gags as she is bound over and over again. Rough hands grope her breasts and stinging clothspins assault her nipples. She is powerless to escape as the ropes grow even tighter. Can anyone save her?? 

“Suddenly Gone” is the newest bondage adventure from David Knight, Juliet Heart and the House of Thrills! And it stars one of the sexiest, most beautiful actresses in the bondage world, the incomparable Tomiko! 

You’ll see Tomiko roped and groped! She is dressed in a business suit, as a maid, a cheerleader and of course, Wonder Tomi! Plus in many great scenes she wears few clothes at all so you can admire her gorgeous body! You’ll see cleave gags, ball gags, tape and wrap gags! Boots, heels, tennis shoes and stocking feet! And you will see a terrific and sexy actress at the very top of her game! 

This one has it all! One hour and 38 minutes of bondage action starring the one, the only…Tomiko!

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