Release Date: Dec.09.2012
Running Time: 0:56:20
Category: KL-21 "THE PERILS OF ANGEL!"

Get ready to rock! Here come the thrills, the adventure and the excitement of “The Perils of Angel!” Beautiful, blonde and busty, Angel Darling is the red-hot star of our newest bondage blockbuster, and what a sensational debut she makes! 

Angel stars in four different and exciting stories as an innocent girl in big bondage trouble! Plus she totally stuff gags herself on camera in a sexy prologue for all her fans just because she knows you want to see it! 

Angel begins dressed in skirt, blouse and heels, starring as a girl who’s home is invaded by a bank robber searching for lost loot! Then she is dressed in sexy lingerie as the target of a mobster’s hit man, who drags the struggling girl into the bedroom with evil on his mind! Next Angel finds out the deadly lengths her husband will take to keep her from divorcing him. Angel is dressed in jeans tucked into super-sexy boots for this episode. And finally, again in skirt and a satin blouse, she plays the victim of a serial kidnapper. He drags her outside to his van for a one-way ride to the unknown! Can anybody save her? 

“The Perils of Angel” is a bondage thrill ride that will keep you gasping! Angel is not only tightly roped throughout, but she is viciously stuff-gagged in each scene too! Her soft mouth is jammed full of cloth, she is tightly cleave gagged and then finally a super tight detective gag covers those beautiful lips! And all that gagging and ungagging is done on camera as she struggles and moans!! You get to see it all~!! 

So if it is great bondage action you crave, do not wait a moment! Because Angel Darling and “The Perils of Angel” is waiting for you!!

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