DKB-33 "Stalked in Seattle!"

Release Date: Oct.26.2012
Running Time: 1:13:6
Category: DKB-33 "Stalked in Seattle!"

Starring: Kristyna Dark

Sexy Kristyna Dark has a smoking hot body, strawberry blonde hair clear to her waist, and... a deranged stalker! As Kristyna pays her first ever visit to the beautiful city of Seattle, she is unaware of the evil man watching her every move. That is until she feels a hand come down hard over her mouth, and kicking and screaming, she is locked into the trunk of her own car and driven away! 

Soon the frightened blonde finds herself totally bound and gagged and at the mercy of a madman! He strips off her clothes and gropes her breasts over and over again as she squirms and moans in fear! Kristyna is totally helpless as her captor binds her sweet body time after time! She is hauled into a dungeon he has created just for her where her torments continue. When he has had enough of her for the moment, she is locked into a wire cage, still stringently bound and tightly gagged and left for the night!  

Next day, with her captor gloating that she was going to be his slave forever, Kristyna knows her only hope of survival is escape. But he never leaves her unbound for a moment and escape seems impossible! Can she somehow get away? Will she even survive? Find out in the thrilling and shocking life or death conclusion of “Stalked in Seattle!” 

It's 75 minutes of bondage action and thrills and it will knock your socks off!!

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