Release Date: Oct.02.2012
Running Time: 1:19:3
Category: KL-12 "SOCCER MOM NO MORE!!"

Starring: Lady Serena Gord

 Soccer moms! Those women in jeans and sneakers who roam the malls and stores and wouldn’t be caught dead in sexy clothes, makeup and heels. Have you ever wondered what was under those loose, beat up clothes, or thought about capturing and enslaving the wild and sexy creatures that wear them? 

Evil Ed Holliday has! And with the help of his crazy lover, Mad Marla, he is about to do it! Marla befriends Kerry Duncan, a real life soccer mom she met at the mall. Turning on the charm, Marla lures sweet Kerry to her home. And Ed is waiting. 

Bondage hell is about to break loose guys, and you are going to love it!! Kerry finds herself helplessly bound to a chair as Ed cuts off her tennis shoes, stuffs one of her dirty sweat socks in her mouth and tapes it in, then slowly cuts off her top and exposes her large and heaving breasts! He then removes her glasses, snapping them in half in front of the terrified girl! He fondles her breasts before leaving the terrified woman to struggle. 

It’s then transformation time, as Kerry, who refused to wear sexy clothes or heels, is told that soon she will live in nothing else! She is bound and hogtied, then humiliated! Sitting on the bathroom counter roped and ball gagged, Kerry struggles as Marla puts sexy makeup on the captives face, while her hands roam Kerry’s bound and corseted body. Then its time for more training in the ways of hot lingerie and killer shoes, all the while being tightly bound, gagged, tormented and fondled. 

Strict ties, cloths pinned nipples and Kerry’s desperate escape attempt lead up to the helpless girl being led through the night to a waiting van. She screams through her gag as she learns she has been sold. She is a soccer mom no more! Can anyone save her?? 

“Soccer Mom No More” is 1 Hour and 18 minutes of bondage thrills and adventure as only David and Juliet can bring it to you! Available and Hot right now on DVD or streaming! Get yours today!

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