DKB-8 "Katnapped!"

Release Date: Aug.11.2012
Running Time: 1:38:32
Category: DKB-8 "Katnapped!"

Starring: Lydia McLane, with Sinja Wells, and Lacey White

A super sexy cat burglar, a vicious killer, millions in stolen jewels and vanished computer secrets that could change the world all collide in the latest bondage thriller from David Knight and Juliet Heart! 

Luscious Lydia McLean stars as Katherine Black, cat burglar supreme! Katherine, with her super-long red hair and a body to die for, breaks into a house in search of a stolen fortune. Instead she finds herself captured, gagged, and forced to strip at the point of a gun. David has other plans for this beauty, and she's not going to like them! 

Katherine is tightly chair tied, hogtied, strappado and bent backwards as cruel ropes bite into her soft breasts! She struggles and moans through her gags as first cloth pins are attached to her tender nipples, and then weighted magnetic clips! 

He may kill the feisty beauty if she gives him the information he desperately seeks.
He will certainly kill her if she doesn't! And the ropes cinch tighter! What will she do?? 

Then we take gorgeous Sinja Wells on a drive thru the city, bound and gagged in the back seat of the car, and David gets nasty with busty Lacey White, treating the roped and struggling honey to some serious breast groping and vibrator play! 

Katnapped features 4 beautiful women in tight bondage, ball, cloth and tape gags.
Bad girls meet badder guys! It's another thrill ride as only David and Juliet can make them! Don't wait a minute! Get yourself Katnapped!!

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