DW-04 Short Skirts & Tight Tops

Release Date: Oct.02.2012
Running Time: 1:39:1
Category: DW Series

Starring: Shay Sights, Sabrina Mills, Stephanie Anderson, Gloria Reyes, Kiana Wong
If you enjoy seeing sharp, gorgeous, fun loving women with their hair done up, make up applied with care, wearing hose, heels, boots, tight skirts, and tight tops, tightly bound up with their mouths fully packed, squirming, mmmppphhing, and pitching a twisting, turning, gag talking snit fit of epoch proportions then this video is for you!! There are 5 scenes showing the beautiful, snitty damsel being bound from beginning to end and 3 scenes showing more bondage being applied all on camera.............and of course in all 10 scenes you get to see their beautiful mouths being packed or strapped in close up each and every time...........all this with the real life high energy struggling and mmmppphhing from beautiful women that you have come to expect from Dominic Wolfe.

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