Bound Bare Breasted Businesswomen

Release Date: May.11.2012
Running Time: 0:49:31
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Lena Shelby, Jenna Rose, Jana Jordan, Layla Rose, Judith Eufrat, Ashley Jane, Adrianna Luna

A paranoid former employee avenges herself on bewildered office workers Lena Shelby and Jenna Rose by tying them to chairs and gagging them! As the girls struggle, she bares their breasts, produces a camera and promises to post the humiliating pictures on the internet!

A rope-wielding stalker catches Jana Jordan working alone, then ties a cloth in her mouth, expertly trusses her up and takes her time exposing Jana's breasts and baring her feet!

Just before she was about to slip out of the office with a laptop full of incriminating data, undercover investigator Layla Rose is seized by the crooked CEO! Roped to her desk and cleave-gagged, the helpless Layla becomes a bare-breasted example used to intimidate other workers of this criminal enterprise!

Judith Eufrat's real-estate coup boomerangs on the sly businesswoman when the former owner of her house surprises her and binds her to a post on the patio! Shivering in fear from his threats, Judith struggles gagged and bare-breasted after he leaves!

After a back-breaking day full boring tasks, Ashley Jane's about to leave work when her boss arrives with the happy news that she'll have to work on an emergency project for several more hours! The dazed Ashley lapses into fantasy and imagines herself at the mercy of a phantom man who spreadeagles her to a bed, gags her and opens her jacket! Bare-breasted and moaning, Ashley writhes on the bed with her skirt around her waist!

Hard-working secretary Adrianna Luna's terrorized by a masked thug who trusses her up and cleave-gags her, then humiliates his helpless victim by unbuttoning her top to reveal her astonishing breasts! When Adrianna finally discovers her tormentor's motive, she's fit to be tied!

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