Cult Captives

Release Date: Apr.27.2011
Running Time: 0:46:57
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Emily Addison, Tori Black


Months after their escape, Tori and Emily believed that they were finally free of the cult -- but the Big Man has a long reach!


Wrapped in towels, the two girls are looking forward to a pleasant day when they're seized by frightening figures from out of their past! Gagged and hogtied, the helpless girls struggle desperately on their beds as a fearful message rings in their ears: "The Big Man is coming!"


Tori and Emily's plight escalates when they are bound naked to chairs! Tori's still silenced with black cloth tied between her lips, but Emily's now tape-gagged; her legs bound to the chair and spread wide, the little blonde whimpers in humiliation! Defenseless against the insolent fondling of their female captor, Tori and Emily shiver when she reminds them that the cult master will soon arrive!


Even more conscious of their nudity, Tori and Emily sit leglocked on the floor and connected by ropes tugging on their chest harnesses! Hands bound behind their backs, their lips spread by bright red ball-gags that stifle their speech, the innocent young women begin to resign themselves to a more profound captivity!


Ball-tied, naked and vulnerable, Tori and Emily see their worst nightmares materialize when the Big Man makes his dreaded appearance! Removing their ball- gags, he reminds them in a sinister voice that he would never let them escape from his clutches! Tori and Emily huddle together once he's replaced their gags, chilled by the certainty that their brief interlude of independence has ended! 


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