Hogtie Highlights

Release Date: Apr.26.2013
Running Time: 0:52:31
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Cassie Laine, Megan Salinas, Natalie Heart, Linda Lay, Arielle Lane, Vallerie White, Bree Daniels

Good Girl loses the bondage battle to Bad Guy when sweet Cassie Laine encounters the Hooded Creeper! After grabbing Cassie in her bedroom, the heartless mystery man methodically subdues her with black rope and seals her lips with tape that's equally dark! Powerless to prevent her breasts from being bared and her panties pulled down, Cassie cowers on her knees until the Creeper completes her restraint by hogtying her on the bed!

Luscious Latina Megan Salinas receives a lesson in ropework that leaves her spellbound! Stripped to her panties, Megan's cleave- gagged and bound into a taut web that features a crotch-rope; our damsel's distressed enough when she sits back bound and gagged, but just a few more feet of rope turn Megan into a helpless hogtied heroine!

Can't a couple of horny naked girlfriends have a little alone time? Apparently not, because when Natalie Heart and Linda Lay start to snuggle, they're detoured into bondage from their naughty pleasure cruise! Gagged with duct tape and securely tied, Natalie and Linda kneel fearfully side-by- side until their plight turns horizontal and the dark-haired nudes roll around hogtied on the bed where they'd hoped to make more erotic exertions!

A full-figured brunette, Arielle Lane struggles strenuously on her bed after she's trussed with black rope and gagged with a shiny red ball! Kicking her feet into the air, feisty Arielle flashes bare soles and pussy until her legs are pinned back more closely to her wrists! Even after she's hogtied, however, Arielle strains and moans as she challenges her bonds!

Toe-tied, topless and tape-gagged, petite blonde Vallerie White sits bewildered in panties-only bondage and wonders apprehensively what the future holds! Vallerie's right to be worried because she'll soon be maneuvered into submission on her knees before significant immobility arrives in the form of a hogtie that leaves pretty Ms. White squirming on her stomach!

We're delighted to welcome back Bree Daniels, though Bree's emotions may understandably be mixed! Bree's hair tends toward red now, but her fine- featured face and lithe nude body will still arouse her admirers when they're decked out in ball-gag and ropework! First lotus-tied on a dining table, Bree twists defiantly until her ordeal veers in the hogtie direction; despite the frustrating cross- ankled restraint, Bree never relents in her attempts to disrupt the knots!

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