Randy's Bondage Surprise

Release Date: Apr.26.2013
Running Time: 0:52:29
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Eva Lovia, Randy Moore, Eva Lovia, Cassie Laine, Lia Lor, Bree Daniels, Lola Foxx


In a daring act of friendship, alluring Eva Lovia attempts to retrieve photos being used to blackmail her friend Randy Moore, but the extortionist is waiting for Eva and makes a bound and gagged captive of the courageous girl! Perched on a window seat, Eva writhes in ropes and murmurs through her cleave gag as her captor mockingly informs her that he's called Randy, who will soon be arriving to join the party! While waiting for Randy, the blackmailer amuses himself by baring Eva's breasts and feet, then enjoys an even bigger laugh at Randy's shock when she finds her pretty little friend half-naked and trussed up!

With both Randy and Eva at his mercy, the extortionist conceives of a loathsome but clever idea: creating even more blackmail material by placing Randy in nude bondage and forcing Eva to engage in Sapphic play! Standing bound and ball-gagged, Randy moans as her friend reluctantly presses her own naked body against her rope-framed breasts, then fondles and licks them! After she's propped in the window seat, Randy squirms while Eva follows the malefactor's command to massage the captive's breasts with her bare feet! Both young women are sickened by the scheme, aware that each click of the blackmailer's camera brings them more surely under his control!

Time for Eva to return to bondage, now paired with Randy in naked vulnerability! The unhappy friends struggle angrily as they sit side-by-side on a couch until their captor, intoxicated by his subjection of the ball- gagged and toe-tied girls, rearranges them so that they kneel facing each other on the couch! Their wills bent to his malicious mastery, Randy and Eva surrender and comply when ordered to rub their breasts together and commit other humiliating acts!

Sweet little Cassie Laine has the unfortunate knack of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Clad only in lacy pink lingerie, Cassie's enjoying the luxurious vegetation of her sunny backyard when a sudden incursion of evil transforms the innocent sprite into a trussed-up and tape-gagged captive! Webbed in white rope, Cassie squirms on a poolside bench and whimpers behind the gag whose pink hue matches her bra and panties! The wide-eyed captive protests even more pointedly when that bra's removed and Cassie's tipped onto her side; an additional rope tethering her ankles to the bench completes a highly efficient restraint of the bare-breasted little captive!

Grabbed and isolated, Lia Lor kneels naked, bound and tape-gagged on a raised wooden platform! Lia's lonely plight is accentuated by a crotch- rope; she mumbles pleas for release but hard-hearted captors instead respond by hogtying the bewildered blonde prisoner, whose futile exertions against taut ropework serve only to reveal the weakness of her slender body!

Bree Daniels was looking forward to some peaceful relaxation as she curled up on her couch, but a home invader had different plans for the elfin lass! Ordered to lie face-down on the floor, Bree was tied hand and foot, then gagged with duct tape! Bree soon had company in her misery: when housemate Lola Foxx returned home, she was forced to strip naked, then placed next to her friend in identical bondage! Before their fear-charged evening was over, Bree and Lola were tethered on their hips in front of the couch, Bree's perfect breasts now exposed as she writhed while Lola's nudity became even more dynamic!

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