I Was Bound And Gagged Today

Release Date: Aug.10.2015
Running Time: 0:51:15
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Allie Knox, Holly Manning, Alexa Grace, Samantha Hayes

What a shock for Charlotte Stokely -- confronted in her own home by a woman who handed her cloth and tape, then ordered her to gag herself! Thoroughly intimidated, Charlotte complied, then was quickly bound and hidden in a bathroom, where she tried to understand the intruder's motives as she sat squirming on a small wooden table. Larceny was certainly on the agenda, but after Charlotte's breasts and stockinged feet were exposed, then her legs lifted and tethered onto the bathroom sink, she sensed a more personal interest on the part of her surprise visitor!

When bespectacled blonde property manager Allie Knox attempted to close Dr. Smith's unorthodox street clinic, the bad doctor insisted that Allie undergo bondage therapy! Trussed up in her pin- striped suit and heels, the cleave-gagged exec struggled in amazement as she sat on the edge of a massage table. Breast exposure followed and so did a hogtie that left Allie squirming on her stomach in stockinged feet!

How could Holly Manning have guessed what would follow when she answered the door to her apartment? The confident young businesswoman found herself tied up on the floor near her desk, her mouth covered with medical wrap. After courageous Holly edged close to the desk in an attempt to reach her phone, her movements were restricted with a waist-ankle tether and her gag was augmented with duct tape. Her shoes removed, Holly was powerless to do anything more than to murmur in frustration as she twisted on her hip!

Alexa Grace was just beginning her career as a therapist when she encountered a patient who confessed to nurturing bondage fantasies. As she questioned him, Alexa surmised from his body language that he was fantasizing even as they spoke; well aware of her own alluring appearance, Alexa calmly assumed that he was envisioning her in imaginary ropes and gag! When the ropes and tape become all too real, however, the lovely young therapist was no longer in charge of the session; instead she struggled bare-breasted on a couch and angrily kicked up her pantyhosed feet!

Standing bound at the bottom of the staircase, business consultant Samantha Hayes lied over the phone because she had no choice! After Samantha's mouth was packed with cloth and sealed with duct tape, she listened to details of the nefarious plot: The "assistant" she was sending to deal with an important client was actually an operative who would steal valuable data and ruin her reputation in the process! But the bound and gagged young woman had more immediate concerns, especially after her breasts were bared and she sensed that the architect of the devious scheme relished her wide-eyed writhing! 

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