Grab And Bind Of Anastasia Black: Girlfriend In Je

Release Date: Feb.02.2015
Running Time: 0:50:12
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Anastasia Black

Anastasia Black's boyfriend pays a stranger to hold her in bondage so he can come to the rescue!

Anastasia thinks her relationship is doing fine but her boyfriend feels differently. He believes her refusal to move in with him and quit her job indicates that she doesn't sufficiently respect him. So he takes the drastic step of hiring the shady friend of a friend to grab Anastasia so that he can become the heroic rescuer of his damsel in distress! Crazy of course, but the hired thug goes about his task enthusiastically, first pouncing on Anastasia as she sleeps and sealing her lips with duct tape! Once she's gagged, he pulls the dazed girl from under the covers and binds her as she desperately struggles! Sitting trussed, tethered and bare-breasted on her bed, Anastasia cowers in disbelief before the sinister figure whisks her away!

Matters are becoming more dire for Anastasia: stripped of her night clothes and socks, she sits bound to a chair, barefoot and naked. Gagged with microtape, the bewildered girlfriend squirms in the chair, mercifully unaware that her treacherous boyfriend's responsible for her plight! When the mysterious figure appears and callously handles her breasts, Anastasia whimpers fearfully as she imagines what he has in mind for her! Her anxiety increases after her ankles and knees are temporarily freed -- but only so that her feet can be linked to the back of the chair and her legs spread wide! 

What's happening? Why am I here? Anastasia has plenty of time for her mind to race as she stands naked and immobilized, supported by ropes anchored overhead! But it's the rope intrusively secured between her pussy-lips that Anastasia can't ignore -- all the more so when the swaggering creep tugs on the crotch-rope while carelessly fondling her breasts and announcing that she's in bondage for a very simple reason: he likes to play with pretty bound and gagged girls! And if they don't appreciate his attentions, well, a few good smacks on the ass are in order. When Anastasia voices her indignation through her cleave- gag, the thug counters by adding layers of duct tape over the cloth!

For a few exciting moments, Anastasia sees a light at the end of the tunnel -- or through the window just a few feet from where she's been placed in ball-gagged bondage on the floor! Edging herself across the carpet, the desperate girl tilts back and kicks up her legs so that she can tug at the curtains with her bare feet! But before Anastasia can pull them aside and catch the attention of passersby, her nemesis foils this forlorn hope by dragging her away from the window! After accentuating his domination with some nasty nipple- tweaking, he adds rope that folds up Anastasia's legs close to her chest, then watches in satisfaction as she writhes in anguish and falls onto her side!

Her mind reeling, Anastasia tries to avoid sinking into hopelessness; surely her boyfriend must be aware that she's been seized and is searching for her! But it's hard to remain confident when you're seated on the edge of a table as a bondage plaything and unable to speak because your mouth has been stuffed with cloth and sealed with transparent tape! Even harder to retain that spark of hope after you've been flipped onto your stomach into a hogtie by the brute who continues to callously handle your nude body. There's still time for this girlfriend in distress to be rescued, however...isn't there?  

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