Charlotte And Ivy's Bondage Chills

Release Date: Jul.18.2016
Running Time: 0:46:14
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Ivy Jones, Charlotte Stokely, Summer Day, Shaye Rivers, JoJo Kiss

What better way to ruin a pleasant day than to find your lovely housemate Charlotte Stokely trussed-up, tape-gagged and edging her way down the carpeted stairs in your home? That's the sight confronting petite Ivy Jones, who will soon be struggling bound and gagged next to Charlotte; it's a dynamic pairing replete with expressive eyes, compelling whimpers, flowing hair, skimpy dresses and sandalled bare feet! The writhing housemates share a rope tethering them to the stairway railing, one that holds impulsive Ivy even when she wriggles down the stairs until she's lying headfirst on the floor!

The pleasant folks who welcomed Ivy home decide to stick around so they can enjoy watching Charlotte and her clothed in nothing but rope! Deprived of their dresses and sandals, the nude housemates stand side-by-side and tethered to a wooden railing; duct-tape gags muffle the voices of the slender girls as they twist carefully on their bare feet! Ivy and Charlotte receive snug crotch-ropes as parting gifts from mysterious intruders who take few valuables with them but plenty of vibrant visual memories!

The occupation of security guard is a hazardous one -- just ask buxom Summer Day, surprised by a scheming thief who demands her uniform! After turning it over to the formidable female, Summer's silenced with white tape and tied to her chair in bra and panties! Undoubtedly aroused by the enticing guard, the villainess bares Summer's ample breasts, then stashes her on the floor behind her desk, where the barefoot blonde squirms in frustration!

A rocking-chair is usually a relaxing location but relaxed doesn't seem to be an accurate description of Shaye Rivers' demeanor and body language. No, the blonde sprite's naked body is quite effectively oppressed with rope while, above her tape- gagged mouth, her eyes dart back and forth searching for a way out of trouble! But trouble's got a strong grip on Shaye and isn't letting go -- in fact it's about to play a nasty trick by freeing her bound ankles and knees only to reattach them so that the little chair-rocker's legs are spread wide for inspection!

Wearing nothing but thong panties, bare-breasted JoJo Kiss sits pinned to a chair in a taut rope network! Far from being intimidated, JoJo stares with angry intensity at the man responsible for her bondage; unfortunately for the tape-gagged heroine, he has plans for her bare feet that nothing will deter. After raising her legs and hitching them to a hanging chain, the obsessed fellow ties JoJo's big toes together and turns her sculpted bare soles into ground zero for a vigorous ticklefest! 

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