Tape Bound, Volume 8

Release Date: May.02.2011
Running Time: 0:47:19
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Melissa Mendini, Jeni Czech, Linda Connors, Charlie Royce, Sadie Moreau, Veronica Aluv


Using her newfound taping expertise, Nikki gangs up with Monique Alexander to victimize meek little Melissa Mendini! Desperate to escape, Melissa wriggles on the floor and paws at the doorknob with her bare feet, but she's not going anywhere!


Even after her tormentor uses white tape to restrain and silence her, then bares her breasts, courageous Jenni Czech never stops trying to free herself!


Nikki Nefarious prefers rope, but she's more than happy to help her friend immobilize leggy Linda Connors with duct tape after silencing the indignant girl with several strips of the sticky stuff!


Bound and gagged with duct tape on a chair, Charlie Royce slides onto the floor, where she struggles energetically but unsuccesfully!


Sweet Sadie Moreau endures a daylight nightmare when she's taped up in her pajamas next to a swimming pool before the man carries her off!


Most guys give their girlfriends jewelry for Christmas; as her holiday surprise, Erika Jordan received a tape-bound present in the form of a very unhappy Veronica Avluv! As Veronica squealed through her tape-gag, Erika opened her present, fondled Veronica's bounteous breasts and snapped photos to serve as mementos of her unique gift! 


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