Wrapping Pretty Little Things

Release Date: Aug.07.2014
Running Time: 0:51:25
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Amanda Tate, Charlotte Stokely, Whitney Westgate, Ashley Jane, Anissa Kate, Vanessa Veracruz

When high-maintenance Amanda Tate complains that the AC's blasting too much cold air, her partner solves the problem by wrapping her to the red lounge with plastic, then sealing the deal with duct tape! Amanda's inevitable ingratitude earns her several more strips of tape over the lips; sweating in her cocoon, Amanda now yearns for a touch of chilliness!

Which position causes Charlotte Stokely more misery: When she's wrapped horizontally in plastic and pink tape on a low platform so that her bare soles are vulnerable to tickling fingers or when she's vertically challenged by being wrapped to the garage post?

Whitney Westgate's surrounded and dominated by metallic surfaces as the delicate nude lies enwrapped in plastic and gleaming silver tape on the massive iron- frame bed! There's no way out of the wrapping for Whitney but she's unwilling to surrender without a struggle so she rolls back and forth with admirable energy.

That's quite a hardball-playing company that tiny blonde Ashley Jane works for: After Ashley underperforms on the job, she's given a lengthy timeout enforced by the plastic and tape pinning her naked little body to her chair! Threats of legal action fail to intimidate her boss; instead they convince him that Ashley's rebellious mouth needs to be silenced with a gag!

The workplace is an even more menacing environment for Anissa Kate, who's compressed into a plastic sheath secured with coils of black tape! A hostile character dressed in black from hood to boots maintains the sinister color scheme while groping Anissa; later, she lies on her desk, breasts bared and soles vulnerable!

Lilly Evans just got an early Christmas present and her name is Vanessa Veracruz! Wrapped to the tongue chair with plastic and light blue tape, Vanessa provides endless erotic entertainment for Lilly, who straddles and fondles the bare- breasted brunette, tickles her size-5 soles, then makes her memories permanent by taking selfies despite the gag-muffled protests of her plaything!  

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