Working Women In A Bind

Release Date: Jun.21.2013
Running Time: 0:52:9
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Emily Austin, Summer Brielle, Niki Lee Young, Cassie Laine, Lola Foxx, Nikki Nefarious, Zoey Paige, Zoey Foxx, Charlotte Stokely, Brooklyn Chase

Emily Austin and Summer Brielle seem like sisters in their black pinstriped suits; petite blonde Emily the younger sibling, tall blonde Summer the older and more experienced. And Emily indeed viewed Summer as her friend and mentor, which made the events that unfolded the day of the robbery all the more shocking -- it was like a bad dream for Emily when Summer briskly tied her up and taped her mouth! But when Summer's partner in crime turned on her treacherously with ropes and gag, the alluring executives shared in the alarming drama of captivity as they rolled side-by-side on the floor!

How does a beleaguered personal assistant deal with the employer from hell? If you're Cassie Laine, you bind boss Niki Lee Young and tape her loud mouth, then hoist her onto a table so you can hogtie her! Niki's indignation grows as Cassie spanks her bottom, then pulls off her expensive pumps so she can tickle the helpless diva's bare soles! Then it's out the door for Cassie, who tenders her resignation as Niki splutters and squirms!

When Lola Foxx returned home from work, she ran into burglar girl Nikki Nefarious, who took it easy on Lola by tethering her hands in front to her ankles with a single strip of cloth. But when Lola refused to stay subdued by slipping out of her bonds and removing her overmouth gag, Nikki got tough! After ordering Lola to remove her pantyhose, Nikki hogtied the frightened girl with her stockings, secured her gag and went back to her larcenous activities while barefoot Lola writhed on her stomach!

Zoey Paige hates working late, especially when there's a party waiting for her. So the tall blonde beauty labors away unhappily until a desperate character who used to have Zoey's job breaks into the office and ropes her up in her party dress! Mouth taped and legs raised and tethered to the desk, an astonished Zoey struggles in her chair and protests noisily -- her vigorous reactions reaching a peak when the intruder removes her pumps and tickles her stockinged soles!

There's a familiar saying that no good deed goes unpunished, a truism with which Zoey Foxx would sadly agree. Surprised as she entered her front door by a masked desperado, the diminutive secretary was pinned to a chair with multiple coils of brown rope and gagged with duct tape! Zoey soon learned that when a shady friend begs you to hide a fat envelope full of cash for him, it's better to claim that you're allergic to stationery. Before splitting with his prize, Zoey's unpleasant guest bared her breasts and mocked her pathetic wriggling!

An unpleasant task turns nightmarish for H. R. reps Charlotte Stokely and Brooklyn Chase when they visit a loutish employee who's been suspended for sexual harrassment. First Charlotte, then Brooklyn become bound and gagged captives of a man who's dived off the deep end; tied standing to the stair- railings of his apartment, the bare-breasted captives whimper through knotted cleaves and flinch in disgust as he taunts them and callously squeezes their nipples!

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