Rope Bound Nudes

Release Date: Jun.22.2012
Running Time: 0:44:5
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Monique Alexander, Arianna Lilly, Orchid, Frankie Dee, Teresa Tabor, Jana Cova, Laura Miles, Jelena Jensen, Kayla Paige, Heather Hunt

What would YOU do if you encountered a pretty girl, naked, tied, gagged, her eyes pleading for release? Of course -- YOU'D be a gentleman and untie her, but the captors of these naked heroines aren't so nice! So an entangled Monique Alexander must endure the teasing fingers of Arianna Lilly, buxom Orchid rolls about in ropes while Frankie Dee smiles wickedly and Laura Miles sits meekly, bared and bound, while Lolana happily heads off on vacation!

As naked Jelena Jensen stands ball-gagged, her hands stretched overhead to a suspended chain, Kayla Paige takes outrageous advantage of the defenseless girl! When Kayla's stripped and trussed to a chair, with Jelena's sopping ball-gag forced into her mouth, the vengeance extracted by lustful Jelena is predictably humiliating to Kayla!

Dark-eyed Heather Hunt is tricked into disrobing, then bound and gagged on the floor, where the charms of her lithe body are ruthlessly exposed! Huddling together in fearful anticipation, bare-skinned girl-friends Jana Cova and Teresa Tabor test bonds that defeat their best efforts!

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kayla and jelena are too much sexy!!