Naked Spies In Plastic And Rope

Release Date: Jan.11.2016
Running Time: 0:29:4
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Keira Nicole, Anissa Kate

Sizzling super-spy Anissa Kate obviously enjoys her job -- once she has gorgeous rival Keira Nicole stripped naked and immobilized with white plastic zip-ties, Anissa deftly stuffs Keira's mouth with cloth, then seals it in place with duct tape! Seated on a small wooden bench, Keira squirms nervously in taut plastic bondage that dominates her pink- fleshed body from chest to toes; she's completely at Anissa's mercy when the black-masked beauty decides to play with her breasts and massage her pussy!

Playtime ends abruptly for Anissa when Keira's supervisor rescues her, then watches in satisfaction while his vengeful protege turns the tables! Now it's Anissa's voluptuous nude body that's subdued by zip- ties and her mouth that's stuffed and taped, then her bare soles that are eagerly tickled by Keira! Of course, Keira doesn't neglect her enemy's jutting breasts nor the space between her legs before leaving Anissa alone and powerless!

But Keira doesn't get to savor her dominant role for long because she's disciplined for falling into Anissa's clutches. The unhappy naked spies are united in rope bondage as they sit writhing next to each other on a wooden table; their angry protests are muffled by blue and red ball-gags! Anissa and Keira's encounter concludes with the hogtied nudes lying on their stomachs and arching in frustration after they're hogtied! 

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