Bound, Gagged and Bare-Skinned!

Release Date: Jul.22.2011
Running Time: 0:44:36
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jana Cova, Liv Schuyler, Isabella Janacek, Lolana, Teresa Tabor, Fantasia Ferrer, Breanne Benson, Orchid, Crystal Klein


Shiver to the elemental thrill of pretty girls whose lost clothes are replaced by confining ropes! As she teased Jana Cova’s squirming nude body, party- girl Liv Schuyler laughed at the squeals escaping Jana’s ball-gag! Only when a hogtied Liv later felt Jana’s hungry hands on her bare breasts did she regret her cruelty!


Struggling side-by-side on the bed, Teresa Tabor and Lolana knew that they had to escape before the man returned! The sensual anticipation aroused by nude massage gave way to fearful exertions when Breanne Benson and Orchid were stringently bound and gagged on their bedroom floor!


Membership in the sisterhood of bondage linked the destinies of Isabella Janacek (knee-socks nudity), Fantasia Ferrer (garter-stockings only) and Crystal Klein (bare from head to toe)! 


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