Bondage Surprise Party

Release Date: Jan.23.2017
Running Time: 0:47:32
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jenna Sativa, Kylie Page, Ryan Ryans, Vanessa Veracruz, Britney Amber, Misty Lovelace

When it turned out that a few of the costume party's guests were genuine burglars, bondage was bound to occur! The most enticing subjects of their ropework were plaid-clad students Jenna Sativa and Kylie Page, who were placed in restrained proximity on a bed, their lips emphatically sealed with duct-tape! Petite Jenna had been playing the more conservative of the two in her jacket and tie, while buxom Kylie wore a blouse that threatened to burst at any moment! Both pairs of breasts were inevitably bared and high heels disappeared to expose two sets of shapely bare feet; any hopes of escape that Kylie and Jenna may have had were dashed when they were folded on their hips by waist-ankles tethers!

Playing a costumed character seemed like harmless fun to Ryan Ryans, but when the game got out of hand, she discovered that it was too late to run! Lovely blonde Ryan was roped to the bondage horse in her 50s-style pink poodle- skirt, white blouse and socks; pink plastic glasses balanced on her delicate nose inches above the microfoam tape-gag muffling her protests. Before long, the glasses slipped off as Ryan strained and twisted, while her blouse was opened to reveal the bound breasts that had inspired the heated imagination of her unscrupulous play-partner! 

With her flowing red hair, T-shirt and distressed jeans, Vanessa Veracruz looked more like a casual partier than a spy, but that didn't prevent her from being busted in the midst of an operation; maybe it was the snazzy high-heeled sandals that gave her away. Tied, cleave-gagged and tethered to the leg of the couch where she was seated, Vanessa tried to play it cool while carefully manipulating the cell-phone she'd concealed. The clever spy was caught in the act again, however, and became barefoot, bare-breasted and phoneless as a result! When Vanessa's restraint was complete, she lay on her side, her wrists and ankles rope-linked, and squirmed ineffectually while regretting her lack of caution. 

Whenever Britney Amber and Misty Lovelace showed up at the same party, it wasn't long before the busty blonde and the feisty brunette were battling each other in a very physical way. A pissed-off party host finally decided to curb their hostilities by tying and gagging them, then leaving the sexy enemies in bondage on a couch. And when Britney and Misty kept the war going by kicking at each other, the frustrated host removed their spiky heels. But a surprising change occurred after animated struggling brought their bare feet together -- as Misty's toes agitated Britney's soles, the girls began to giggle and their enmity dissolved! So after enjoying several minutes of foot- friendly sensations, the new friends sat up and tried to free each other's wrists. The party-goers, however, had been excited by Britney and Misty's bound and gagged antics and weren't willing to let them go just yet!

No longer enemies, Britney and Misty had become the playthings of aroused partiers after they were stripped naked, gagged with duct-tape and tightly trussed! As Britney stretched out on the couch and Misty curled up on the floor, they writhed in wide-eyed alarm and whimpered pleas for release but received no sympathy from the onlookers who delighted in their plight! When Misty courageously edged back toward the couch on her knees in another futile attempt to release her new friend, the former opponents were lowered onto the carpet, where they discovered just how restrictive ropework could become after they were hogtied!

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