Trick N' Tied

Release Date: Nov.18.2011
Running Time: 0:47:28
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Charlie Royce, Sadie Moreau, Rilee Marks, Tiffany Marshall, Sherri Reynolds, Natalie Nice, Tiffany Thomas


After they're captured by bad guys, handcuffed policewomen Charlie Royce and Sadie Moreau bicker as they rattle their metallic restraints! Annoyed by their noise-making, the gang leader orders his thugs to remove the cuffs, then tie and tape-gag Charlie and Sadie!


Costumed as a sexy barmaid, innocent little Rilee Marks falls into the clutches of sorceress Samantha Ryan, who binds her to a stool, tapes her mouth, then fondles her bare breasts and stockinged feet while Rilee squirms and whimpers!


Convinced by conniving Sherri Reynolds that her bondage will enliven the Halloween party, vivacious blonde Tiffany Marshall sizzles and struggles as a chair-bound and tape-gagged Little Red-Riding-Hood! When Sherri refuses to release her captive, Tiffany's angry writhing pops the top off the struggle-meter!


Not all bad deeds go unpunished, as Sherri discovers after Tiffany twists her way out of her bonds! Eager for payback, Tiffany uses the ropes to bind Sherri's wrists and ankles, then tapes her mouth and shares a good laugh with other party-goers while the barefoot witch wriggles on the floor!


Booted and costumed in a lace-throated doublet, aristocratic fantasy girl Natalie Nice suffers abject humiliation at the hands of wicked Melissa Jacobs! Trussed up and gagged with a cleave tied between her rosy lips, her chest ropes tethered overhead, Natalie moans in shame after Melissa bares her pussy!


Reliving her joyous college days, hot housewife Tiffany Thomas dresses up as a cheerleader to hand out the Halloween candy! But one of the trick-or- treaters has more than candy in mind, so poor Tiff ends up immobilized on the couch, kicking her sneakered feet in frustration against unyielding ropes and squealing through the taut black cleave tied in her mouth! 


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