Chasing The Big Fish

Release Date: Feb.12.2015
Running Time: 0:43:27
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Sophia Knight, Kendra James


Two rival journalists want to interview the same man, so they're bound to struggle!

Beautiful blonde Brit Sophia Knight has an important interview lined up but fiery redhead Kendra James sidelines her rival by turning Sophia into a tied and tape-gagged struggler! But Kendra's scheme veers wildly off-course when she's also subjected to bondage and the two crisply- dressed journalists writhe angrily together on a bed!

There's still plenty of enmity on display between these ambitious women, but they do share vulnerability they could never have imagined as they sit naked and bound on the floor! While Sophia and Kendra mumble through the duct tape sealing their lips, they fold back the rope-restrained legs that had been stretched out in front of them and balance on their hips while plucking at each other's ropework! 

Further humiliation follows for Sophia and Kendra when they're roped backward onto wooden chairs with their ankles tied separately to spread their legs! Energetic and indignant at the bizarre twist their competition has taken, blonde and redhead bring their faces together in an effort to pluck the cleave-gags from each other's lips, then rotate their chairs around the room!

If Kendra and Sophia believed their plight couldn't worsen, an ingenious new position proves them wrong! Seated side-by-side on a wooden dining table, Sophia's right ankle is tied to one table leg and Kendra's left ankle to the other; with their adjoining legs roped together, the embarrassed women's pussies are presented front and center! That's not a problem for our heroines after they're rearranged on their stomachs, but arching hogtied and whimpering through microtape gags wasn't high on their to-do list either! 

A disillusioning and exhausting day comes to an end for these journalists in jeopardy when they're abandoned in an office, where they roll around on the roughly carpeted floor. Kendra and Sophia will never be close friends, but it's fascinating to see their bound and naked bodies huddled awkwardly against each other during desperate contortions that fail to defeat their restrictive ropework! 


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