Keep Quiet and Spread 'Em

Release Date: Nov.18.2011
Running Time: 0:42:59
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Adrienne Manning, Heather Vagn, Lyla Love, Rilee Marks, Samantha Ryan


Naked except for high-heeled thigh boots, dazzling Adrienne Manning stands pinned to the bars of an abandoned jail cell in hands-up restraint! A crotch-rope tied snugly between her pussy-lips, spread-legged Adrienne coos a sensual challenge until she's ball-gagged, then undulates invitingly as she drools!


It's never fun to come home and confront a stranger, especially when the intruder forces you to strip naked and ties you up! Just ask exotic beauty Heather Vahn, who underwent the traumatic experience of being roped onto a lounge chair, her hands tied above her head, her legs frogged and spread so that her pussy was blatantly exposed! A knotted white cleave spread Heather's lips and minimized her cries even after the burglar moved on!


Lyla Love's a hot little minx but her addiction to gossip gets her into a ton of trouble when she mindlessly bad-mouths both Nikki Nefarious and Loren Chance! Loren and Nikki don't waste time gently admonishing their wayward housemate -- they get right down to business by double-teaming the astonished Lyla, stripping off her top, binding and tape-gagging her, then savoring their revenge by squeezing her boobs and spanking her butt! Once they've got the message across to Lyla, they simply dump her on the sofa after baring her snatch by yanking down her shorts!


Sweet little Rilee Marks is in trouble again, and this time it's the kind of trouble that spread-eagles Rilee's naked body on a bed! Her wrists and ankles secured to the bed's four posts, her bare pink pussy framed by a double crotch-rope, Rilee twists vigorously and utters muffled cries through a duct-tape gag!


Sexy adventuress Samantha Ryan finds that it's not so easy to dump a boyfriend, especially when you're simultaneously teasing him by wearing nothing but a form-fitting white slip! The indignant swain hits the road, but not before imaginatively binding Samantha to the sofa with her legs spread open and taping her mouth to silence her X-rated protests! 


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