Sexy Struggles Secretaries

Release Date: Feb.12.2015
Running Time: 0:54:20
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Alix Lynx, Sophia Knight, Lena Shelby, Phoebe Queen, Scarlett Fever, Cassidy Klein, Alexa Grace, Goldie Cox

Courageous Sophia Knight attempts to rescue best friend Alix Lynx, who's sitting bound and blindfolded on a bed, but instead falls into a trap that insures that both pretty junior executives will struggle in bondage! The cleave-gagged pair are first seated side-by-side on the edge of the bed, but after Sophia slips off her shoes so she can poke at Alix's bonds, they're stretched out and tethered to the headboard with their breasts bared as a final sinister stroke! 

After a phantom burglar materializes in Lena Shelby's home office, the wide-eyed businesswoman sits tied and tape-gagged in her chair! It becomes apparent that the burglar's more interested in Lena than loot because before long her blouse has been unbuttoned to show off her rope-framed breasts. Soon her legs have been spread and her skirt raised to reveal her pantyhosed pussy; when she's finally alone, Lena laboriously edges close to her keyboard in an attempt to contact help!

Talk about a mismatch -- when tough chick Loren Chance pays a surprise visit to meek little secretary Phoebe Queen, there's no doubt what the outcome will be! After trussing up Phoebe and silencing her with a knotted cleave, Loren opens up her jacket and blouse so she can enjoy some breast fondling, then pulls off her shoes and tickles her stockinged soles! The bad girl's understandably reluctant to leave her plaything, but she's on the run, so she leaves squirming Phoebe on her work-table with her legs folded by a waist-ankle tether! 

Scarlett Fever's nearly a foot taller than Cassidy Klein, but it's the 5- 11 office worker who's gagged with duct tape, tied up and sitting tethered to the leg of her couch while the 5-2 cat burglar roams around her home! Apprehension turns to humiliation for Scarlett when Cassidy takes advantage of her bound and gagged plaything by fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples, then placing her facedown on the couch so that the naughty cat can use her claws on the long-legged struggler's pantyhosed soles!

Pretty realtors Alexa Grace and Goldie Cox are pawns in a sinister intrigue involving their boss; that's why they've been tied up in their dresses, tape-gagged and dumped on a mattress in an old house. Warned to remain motionless, the intimdated women obey for a time, but Alexa finally kicks off her heels and attempts to loosen Goldie's wrist bonds with her stockinged toes. Retribution for her defiance is swift and arrives in the form of hogties for both beleaguered blondes! 

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