Dressed Up For Bondage!

Release Date: May.25.2012
Running Time: 0:39:34
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Hannah Thurman, Christina Kazan, Tiffany Thomas, Shannon, Michelle Curtis, Jenna West, Jamie Ann Martin, Holly Lane, Britany Christopher, Jewell Marceau, Tanya Danielle

Stylish and sexy, Hannah Thurman and Christina Kazan looked forward to a party they'd never attend! Instead the bound and gagged friends struggle side-by-side, and so do Michelle Curtis and Shannon, and Jewell Marceau and Tanya Danielle -- alluring victims of wicked schemers! Evil forces also subdue Jenna West and Britany Christopher, though burglar's girl Tiffany Thomas deserves her bondage; all must face their unforgiving restraint alone! Determined to beat out room-mate Jamie Ann Martin for an audition, ambitious actress Holly Lane ropes and tape-gags her -- but resourceful Jamie finds away to make a bound and silenced loser of Holly!

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