Tape Bound, Volume Three

Release Date: Jun.17.2011
Running Time: 0:45:34
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Sue Diamond, April O'Neal, Erin Avery, Jasmine Mancini, Teresa Tabor, Martina Warren, Indica James


Seven women, all lovely, all innocent, all trapped in nightmarish restraint, at the mercy of a sinister figure who may embody their deepest fantasies!


Surprised at home, bare breasted captives April O'Neil and Sue Diamond writhe back to back in inescapable tape bondage!


Wide eyed Erin Avery's taped face up on a bench, the better to display her stiff nipples!


It's a beautiful day outside, but it's hard for Jasmine Mancini to appreciate the weather since the dark haired doll is securely gagged and taped on top of a patio table!


Strips of white tape defeat topless beauty Teresa Tabor's pathetic attempts to free herself or call for help!


One after the other, hot girlfriends Martina Warren and Indica James are taped to their bed with their breasts and pussies embarrassingly exposed, then left to struggle! 


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