Winners Lose When They're Tied!

Release Date: Feb.15.2016
Running Time: 0:49:45
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Kristen Scott, Blair Williams, Katy Kiss, Holly Manning, Brooke Lynn Santos, Amarna Miller

It began so pleasantly for Kristen Scott and Blair Williams, two hard- working young women taking a brief break from their labors. But when Blair left momentarily to take a phone call, darkness descended in the form of a hooded thug, who bound fragile Kristen's wrists and ankles with black rope and gagged her with duct tape! When Blair returned, she was subdued in similar fashion; while the pair sat trembling on the couch, their white blouses oppressed by taut dark ropes, the intruder checked the contents of Kristen's attache case, the prize that had brought this thief into their lives! Convinced that its contents were all that he'd hoped for, the larcenous creep hit the road -- but not before opening their blouses and taking their black pumps as mementos of his shameful scheme. Left barefoot and bare-breasted, Blair and Kristen twisted next to each other on the floor as they fought against their maddening bondage!

Fed up at last with her boyfriend's lazy ways, Katy Kiss told him to take a hike. Depart he did, but only after showing Katy how much effort he could exert if he were motivated; unfortunately for the astonished Katy, his hard work resulted in her sitting tightly bound in blouse and skirt on the edge of their dining table, her high-heeled feet dangling inches from the floor! A duct-tape gag muffled the angry redhead's vocal objections to his vengeful project; her squeals only grew louder after he mean-spiritedly bared her breasts! But Katy had no answer to his parting gift of a hogtie, except to gaze worriedly at the closing door as she arched on the table, her stockinged feet raised above her head! 

When Holly Manning returns from a meeting to discover that her office safe has been opened and the larcenous intruder is still lurking, the outcome is predictable! Holly's seated in her chair, her demure grey suit compressed with coils of duct tape; despite her promise to remain quiet, Holly's gagged with several more strips of tape! Although she twists energetically in the chair, then rolls onto the floor, Holly's tape- bondage proves far too restrictive for her to escape. 

Brooke Lynn Santos made the grave mistake of revealing her knowledge of felonious financial activities at the company to a colleague instead of going directly to the authorities. That's why she found herself in a quite literal bind as she sat trussed-up and tape-gagged on the floor, hidden from the prying eyes of potential rescuers! After a female corporate officer determined that Brooke Lynn's future lay at one of the company's Customer Satisfaction divisions in a distant corner of the world, the innocent book-keeper was tethered on her hip; curled up in stockinged feet with her breasts bared, she had ample time to regret her lack of caution!

Amarna Miller resisted the interrogation successfully at first, so she was temporarily tied to an armchair, where she twisted in ropes and chewed on a colored cleave! Eye-catching in her pastel blouse, short skirt and pumps, the auburn-haired secretary's beauty masked a strong personality that refused to be intimidated. But Amarna had one crucial weakness: She was incredibly ticklish! So when a no-nonsense character took over and noticed that she'd slipped out of her shoes, he played a hunch and removed her gag. Once he began tickling her stockinged soles, Amarna exploded in anguished squeals and her defiance evaporated! After spilling the beans, the deflated little beauty was re-gagged and left to squirm in disappointment. 

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