Grab And Bind Of Mia Malkova: Mia's Bondage Ghost

Release Date: Feb.15.2016
Running Time: 0:46:18
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova was excited and why shouldn't she be? She got a fantastic deal on her vacation rental and, as she explained to her friend over the phone, for the strangest reason -- the house was supposedly haunted! Mia laughed loudly at the idea of being frightened by ghosts but her laughter would have frozen on her lips had she seen the foreboding spectre lurking outside the window! Because once the creature slipped inside, the lovely blonde's body became the subject of its spirited ropework while her soft mouth was filled by the black knot of a cleave-gag! Dressed to party in a blue minidress and black pumps, Mia instead squirmed on a couch while trying to reach the phone she'd dropped so casually only moments before. But when she finally reached the vital device and attempted to utilize it with bound hands, the silent menace was there to seize it; no one would be rescuing Mia anytime soon! 

Still dazed by the nightmarish subversion of her dream vacation, Mia sat on a narrow padded bench with her bound legs outstretched; her upper body was pinned with rope to a slender rectangular post set on the wooden patio deck that had been one of the home's most appealing features. Mia had lost her dress but still retained purple bra and panties; her feet were bare -- and soon attracted the attention of her dark nemesis, who strung her big toes together, then tickled her soles while Mia begged for mercy! Instead she received several strips of microfoam tape across her lips and the opportunity to writhe and whimper under the silent gaze of this malicious spirit!

Mia's descent into incredulous submission continued after her lingerie disappeared and she was trussed-up naked and gagged with duct-tape! Her restraint was completed by the tireless evildoer when he stood her against the post and secured her to it with coils of rope that doubled the ones already framing her breasts! Mia strained hopelessly against the inescapable bondage until the hooded one reappeared and dangled another rope before her eyes. To her uncomfortable surprise, the rope found its home between her legs, where it was tightened against her pussy by its creator!

A move from vertical to horizontal bondage brought no relief to Mia, whose expectations of a pleasant vacation were a distant memory. Back on the bench, the bound and tape-gagged nude wriggled face-down, her ankles tethered to the post! When the vicious intruder made his inevitable return, Mia had an instant's hope of release after he undid the tether. But he was merely playing a despicable joke, whose punchline was his ruthless application of the tether to hogtie the hapless girl! Still courageous despite her desperate plight, Mia arched in the mistaken belief that her fading strength could conquer the knotted linkage between her wrists and ankles!

Her fresh-air subjugation concluded, Mia's returned to the couch where she'd chatted so happily on the phone mere hours before. Microfoam tape took the place of rope in subduing that luscious naked body, but she was gagged with cloth stuffing held in place by transparent tape. On the way out of her life, the dark figure contemptuously dropped that phone next to Mia and after strenuous contortions, she was finally able to send a message that would lead to her release -- and a quick exit from the rental that turned out to be no bargain! 

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