Bondage Under The Sun

Release Date: Feb.28.2012
Running Time: 0:40:42
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Cory Lane, Erica Campbell, MacKenzie Montgomery, Jana Cova, Alicia Silver, Liz Tyler


Bound and gagged outdoors, the captive knows that release may come sooner - but she fears that humiliation may be just around the corner! Lovely though ineffectual bill-collector Mackenzie Montgomery gets a taste of backyard bondage from hard-boiled Heather Stafford! Alicia Silver stuffs fearful Erica Campbell in the back of her SUV!


Basking in the sunshine, glamorous Cory Lane fails to notice the stalker until it's too late; Taylor Mitchell adds her struggles to Cory's when she discovers her plight! Stylish exec Liz Tyler winds up hogtied and topless in the grass after a car-jacker appropriates her vehicle! Fetching in skirt, stockings and heels, hostage Jana Cova strains futilely against tight post-bondage! 


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