The Elle Alexandra Bondage Club

Release Date: Mar.21.2016
Running Time: 0:46:7
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Elle Alexandra, Blair Williams, Chrissy Marie, Amarna Miller, Mackenzie Lohan


Feisty redhead Elle just can't avoid ropes and gags, a problem shared with her friends!

Yep, Elle's in trouble again and this time buxom pal Blair Williams shares rope entanglement with her as they sit dangling their bound legs over the edge of a cafeteria table! Elle's dressed in a black-topped flower-print dress and heeled sandals that show off her red-nailed toes; Blair's more conservatively- clad in a dark blue dress and shining tan pumps. Both tape-gagged heroines vigorously contest bondage that finally restrains them barefoot on the floor, tethered on their hips and hitched to the table legs! 

Delivering her lines with conviction, Chrissy Marie has apparently nailed her audition for the lead female role in a low-budget thriller. Chrissy's dressed in a tight blue top and denim shorts; with her flowing brown hair and sparkling eyes, she looks perfectly suited to play a spunky ingenue. But then the film's producer notes that there's a key scene in which she's tied up and requests Chrissy to test her reactions to bondage; she's reluctant at first but finally agrees. Seated bound on the couch, the buxom girl twists dramatically and wins raves from the producer -- but he suggests that a gag will help her to dig even deeper into the scene! As the unorthodox audition progresses, Chrissy's directed to slip her bare feet out of her flip-flops, then wriggle across the floor and attempt to activate a phone with her toes! The patient actress succeeds impressively, but is rewarded only by having her breasts bared, a development that leads Chrissy to wonder just how badly she wants this role!

Anyone who's encountered Amarna Miller knows that the sizzling Spanish redhead won't submit quietly to ropework domination! Her naked body efficently oppressed by knots, her lips sealed with duct-tape, and a crotch-rope snugly situated between her legs, Amarna throws herself around on her bed from knees to back to stomach! Despite her failure to loosen the ropes, Amarna's undiscouraged and keeps battling! 

Elle's hoping to enjoy some girl time with her best friend Charlotte Stokely and their cute little protege Mackenzie Lohan, but their pleasant evening goes off the rails when intruders take control! Trussed-up in their bra and panties and gagged with black cleaves, the three barefoot damsels are compelled to kneel next to each other on a bed! After they're momentarily neglected, Elle, Charlotte and Mackenzie slide onto their stomachs and writhe desperately in futile attempts to free themselves! 

The second act of their harrowing drama begins after Charlotte, Elle and Mackenzie have been stripped of their lingerie and sit naked, bound and tape- gagged on the bed with their backs against the wall! While Elle and Charlotte try to loosen each other's bonds, petite but feisty Mackenzie throws her legs across the bed's footboard as the first step toward escape. When they're busted by the shadowy villains, the trio's mobility is severely compromised by hogties that leave three sad young ladies squirming on their stomachs while three pairs of bare soles arch next to their bound wrists! 


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