Belle's Big Score

Release Date: Mar.21.2016
Running Time: 0:46:53
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Bree Daniels, Lena Shelby, Belle Fatale

 Hot girls! Devious schemes! Naked bondage! Belle Fatale's back on the prowl!

It was a routine debt collection, but Lena Shelby brought along Belle Fatale to lay an extra helping of intimidation on welcher Bree Daniels. When Bree predictably pled poverty, Lena left Belle to deal with her while she tossed the house for cash. Returning empty-handed, Lena found her henchwoman playing with the surprisingly large breasts of the bound and gagged pixie while Bree squirmed nervously. The sexy loan-shark decided Bree had received a sufficiently potent message, so she ordered Belle to leave with her -- that's when the leather-clad bad-girl muscled her boss and turned Lena into Bound Beauty Number Two! Trussed-up and bare-breasted, Lena gag- murmured angrily while the treacherous employee boasted on her phone to a connoisseur of feminine beauty about the pair of lovely ladies she'd just collected for him!

Belle's client Niko ordered her to bring the two prospects to an ominous lair where he would soon arrive to evaluate their potential. Stunned by her reversal of fortune, Lena sat on the edge of a black platform next to Bree; both women had been stripped to their panties, then tightly bound and tape-gagged. Intoxicated by the success of her scheme, Belle shamelessly fondled her powerless subjects and laughed at their feeble whimpering. When she decided it was time to examine their naked feet more closely, Belle turned Lena and Bree into hogtied playthings whose soles were at her mercy!

After Niko directed Belle to relocate the two newest members of his exclusive club to the lair's dungeon, the nude Bree was spreadeagled on a slanted table and the equally naked Lena was also spread as she sat on a metal frame. The relentless Belle first focused her attentions on Bree by tugging on the ball-gagged girl's crotch-rope, then straddling her to lick Bree's nipples! Lena wasn't ignored either; lustful Belle nuzzled her pussy and mounted the bound blonde so she could press her own bare breasts against Lena's. But then Belle's triumphant run came to a screeching halt when Niko showed up and decreed a switch in roles to determine if Bree and Lena had dominant potential! 

No leather jacket, boots and jeans any longer for Belle, who stood ball-gagged, naked and spread against an X-cross while two vengeful women flanked her and repaid the humiliation she'd inflicted on them! Tugging on her crotch-rope and tweaking her nipples, Bree and Lena relished Belle's wide-eyed alarm and high- pitched squeals. When all-powerful Niko decided, however, that their impressive display of revenge should come to an end, the bare-skinned girls were returned to bondage. Gagged with duct tape and standing tethered to hooks above their heads, Lena and Bree could no longer vent physically on Belle, but merely gaze bitterly at her as she cringed between them. 

After all three were released, Bree and Lena were dispatched with several of Niko's minions to a location for more advanced training in their future vocation. But once Belle was unbound, she made the grievous error of complaining about her treatment to Niko and attempting to renegotiate her fee for bringing new talent to the master. Belle's discipline for her breach of respect was swift and ruthless -- she arched with frantic energy in a hogtie on the slanted table, her long hair pulled back with a rope hitched around her bare feet! While she struggled against the unforgiving ropework, Belle sadly reflected that her big score had been drastically discounted. 

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