I Love My Man Tied Up

Release Date: Sep.13.2015
Running Time: 0:42:47
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Axel Aces, Carissa Montgomery, Chad White, Susan Ray, Lance, Cali Logan, Jimmy, Melissa Jacobs, Robby Echo, Celeste Star

Axel Aces is one ungrateful asshole, so his loving wife Carissa Montgomery roped up Axel to a chair and proceeded to berate the ungrateful cad. Tired of feeling used, Carissa takes a much deserved break and kicks up her feet on her tied up beau before leaving him to think about how he's been treating her!

Susan Ray tightens the ropes on Chad White's bare skin and stuffs him in the trunk of her car! More cramped than he's ever felt, Chad tries to get comfortable in the trunk of Susan Ray's car before she shoves him down, closes the trunk and ships her favorite plaything to a friend because good girls always share!

After bragging about how much money he has to masseuse Cali Logan, high profile athlete Lance gets a lesson in humility when Cali uses her knowledge of knots and ties his ass to the massage table.

Melissa Jacobs likes toying with Jimmy, her perverted neighbor. She asks him over to "help around the house" but she has other plans for Jimmy. Immediately she ties him to a high-heel shoe! How embarrissing! She taunts him with her breasts and bum until he admits that he likes being tied up by her. Then she threatens to tell his wife!

Sexy enforcer Celeste Star has grabbed hot commodity Robby Echo and now is holding him as her bound and tape gagged plaything as she mulls over offers for his release! With time to fill, Celeste enjoys herself by fondling Robby Echo's muscular bare chest and teasing him with her tits! 

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