Tied Up Girls

Release Date: Sep.14.2015
Running Time: 0:47:45
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Chloe Amour, Tomi Taylor, Cherie DeVille, Whitney Westgate, Blake Eden, Kylie Sinner, Maddy Rose

Tomi Taylor's back in dominant form when she puts the grab on sweet Chloe Amour, then has a ball with her bound and gagged plaything! Chloe's allowed to keep her clothes on at first and sits meekly on the couch, her body embraced by rope and her lips sealed with duct tape, while Tomi toys with her! But after sucking Chloe's toes, Tomi decides it's time for the clothes to go; as the struggling beauty lies on the couch, her dominant visitor becomes much more familiar with the contours of Chloe's slender nude body!

Kneeling naked on a platform, her wrists and ankles tied and her breasts framed with rope, Cherie DeVille's unhappy with her precarious plight and eager to complain about it! But before Cherie can speak her piece, she's rudely interrupted by a cloth wad jammed in her mouth and held in place by strips of duct tape! Now the buxom blonde MILF's limited to angry moaning when she's treated to a crotch-rope and dynamic struggling that tilts her rope- and- chain-supported body daringly forward on her knees!

Two beautiful girls, one blonde, one brunette; two lithe naked bodies restrained by ropes from chests to ankles; two pairs of eyes widening above tape- gagged mouths -- Blake Eden and Whitney Westgate are distressed damsels indeed as they sit squirming on a wooden chest! Rejecting submissiveness, Blake slips onto the floor and edges close to the door, where she lies back and reaches up to the doorknob with her bare toes! But escape's not in the cards for the bound beauties; caught in the act, Blake's hauled back to the chest, where she and Whitney are subjected to pussy-exposing spread-legged bondage! 

It's not something you see every day: tall and gorgeous brunette Kylie Sinner carrying tiny bound and gagged blonde Maddy Rose into the room, then attaching the nude sprite to a staircase railing! Kylie's got a nice little racket going, so she smiles while towering over crotch-roped and ball-gagged Maddy as she prepares to welcome a client. Kylie has a very unpleasant surprise coming, however, because her kind of client tends to be treacherous, a reality that the formerly dominant beauty confronts while she stands naked and identically restrained next to Maddy! Understandably indignant, Kylie writhes strenuously with Maddy but achieves nothing except a stream of drool dripping off her chin!

Tomi Taylor's sexy, tall and athletic so she's usually a commanding presence but she looks meek and uncertain as she stands barefoot and trussed-up in her bra and panties! Tomi eyes her surroundings apprehensively and murmurs while mouthing a knotted black cleave, but she's powerless to prevent herself from being tethered to a chair, where she struggles with growing intensity and kicks up her large but shapely naked feet! 

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