Grab And Bind Of Blair Williams: A Fluid Conspirac

Release Date: Aug.22.2016
Running Time: 0:45:51
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Blair Williams

 Blair Williams was in big trouble and all because she'd hidden a tiny vial of fluid! But that vial had attracted the interest of a large, demanding man and when Blair refused to reveal its location, he whisked her away to a dingy little room where she was held in bondage! After stuffing cloth in her mouth and tightening a black fabric gag over it, the frustrated operative left Blair subdued by rope on a bed in her sundress and sandals. The bound girl's breasts were exposed by her struggles and before long Blair's entire voluptuous body would be deprived of clothing! 

Stripped naked and sitting tightly-trussed on a long-legged wooden chair, courageous Blair once again rejected her interrogator's demand for the vial's hiding place! And once more, he responded with mouth-stuffing, this time sealed in place by duct tape; as Blair twisted in bound-and-gagged oppression, the menacing figure fondled her breasts! After brave Blair signalled her continuing defiance, he produced a chunk of ice to stroke her bare flesh, then left it between her shivering thighs!

Tape-gagged Blair found herself literally turned upside down after she was positioned on her back, her bound legs raised and hitched to a hanging chain so that her pussy was blatantly bared! Blair's powerless plight was confirmed by the ropes tying her wrists behind her knees and a knotted string that pinned her bare feet together! The beleagured young woman was close to surrendering her secret but managed to preserve it even after her bare soles were iced and her bottom swatted in unfriendly fashion!

Blair's predicament became even more perilous after she was relocated to a dungeon and tied down on a device that spread her legs in the gynecological manner. Gagged with duct-tape and feeling more naked and vulnerable than ever, Blair strained with desperate vigor but her efforts brought only a more drastic adjustment of her position that opened her legs even wider by tethering her ankles on each side of the metallic machine!

The contest was always an uneven one and Blair's nemesis was happily aware that her resolve was diminishing along with her physical resources. After the busty nude was bound face-down on a slanted table with her ankles linked to a metal bar, he gave her an ultimatum that Blair wearily defied; gagged with microfoam tape, she expended her remaining energy by arching angrily as the cold-hearted character watched and waited! And his waiting finally paid off after Blair's ankles were unhitched, then lifted and linked to the ropes coiled around her torso. Even though she was hogtied, Blair summoned a last defiant episode, but she could no longer resist the vicious man's repeated exhortations and caved in ultimate surrender! Once the vial was located and emptied, Blair was freed, disappointed by the outcome but grateful to escape her nightmare of nudity and bondage! 

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