Working Women's Bondage Play

Release Date: Mar.19.2015
Running Time: 0:52:42
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Mia Malkova, Kenna James, Amanda Tate, Cassidy Klein, Keisha Grey, Miranda Miller, Belle Fatale

Mia Malkova looks so demure and pretty in her pink sweater, black skirt, pantyhose and heels; no wonder Kenna James finds her so enticing! And, in a stroke of luck for bad girl Kenna, sweet Mia's also sitting tied up and gagged on a futon; she's a pawn in the clutches of nasty people who are on friendly terms with Kenna! Faced with tempation she can't resist, Kenna bares Mia's breasts for some friendly fondling and licking. When feisty Mia tries to kick her, Kenna yanks off her shoes and tickles her stockinged soles, then tethers the angry girl on her hip while she takes a break from her kinky playtime.

Kenna's waiting until she's left alone with Mia so she can have some serious fun, but when she returns, her bound and gagged plaything is motionless! When she doesn't respond, panicky Kenna unties her -- and that's when clever Mia strikes! As the dust settles, it's the astonished Kenna writhing in rope and mouthing Mia's gag while her former bondage toy straddles her! Mia reveals her naughty side by stroking Kenna's pussy, then emphasizes her victory by tying her defeated opponent's long legs above her head to the back of the futon! Left vulnerable in this position, Kenna's bottom receives chastisement from Mia's palm, but the aroused winner also teases and mouths the loser's breasts before leaving Kenna to explain the embarrassing exchange of girls in bondage! 

Amanda Tate walks into the lion's den when she confronts a crooked corporate rival at his home! Neatly dressed in sweater, skirt and heels when she arrives, Amanda won't be walking anywhere for awhile after she's bound standing in a web of black rope. Incredulous at her enemy's outrageous action, the statuesque blonde contorts emotionally in bondage after her breasts are bared and a crotch- rope's added between her pantyhosed legs after her skirt's pulled up!

Bright-eyed and long-haired, Cassidy Klein is a sharp young businesswoman who has the bad luck to walk into a theft in progress. Efficiently trussed up and gagged with a knotted black cleave, Cassidy sits indignantly squirming on the edge of a table until the ingenious evildoers decide to take her with them! Stuffed halfway into an antique chest that's part of the loot, Cassidy wriggles barefoot as she tries to process the bizarre situation she's trapped in!

Keisha Grey and Miranda Miller agree that some of the guests at a recent party were a little scary, especially a kinky gal named Belle Fatale. Keisha and Miranda never expect to see Belle again but this forceful woman doesn't wait for an invitation, especially when she's turned on by both cute office-workers! So when Keisha returns home from work a few days later, Belle's waiting to overpower her; Miranda gets the same treatment moments later. With both girls sitting tied and gagged on the floor, it's party- time again for Belle and this time she's calling the tune! Before she finally splits, she indulges herself by fondling the breasts of both Keisha and Miranda, who also lose their shoes and wriggle as Belle's fingernails stroke their pantyhosed feet! 

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