Bare! Bound! Beautiful!

Release Date: Apr.13.2015
Running Time: 0:45:36
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Adriana Chechik, Samantha Hays, Shyla Jennings, Susan Ray, Olivia Austin, Ashley Lane, Mia Malkova, Kenna James

 Not the sight you want to see on returning home from a night out: wide- eyed girlfriend Samantha Hays curled up naked, tied and tape-gagged on her bed! But that's what raven-haired Adriana Chechik encounters and, after Adriana strips off her dress and heels, she joins Samantha in bondage! Breasts framed with rope, knees and ankles tied, the naked girls have little chance of escaping but strain desperately as they sit next to each other, then slide onto their sides! Wrist-ankle tethers raise the odds against Adriana and Samantha even higher as their unexpected ordeal continues!

No shoes, no clothes, no escape -- that's the literal bind that Susan Ray and Shyla Jennings find themselves in as they sit naked, tied and tape- gagged at either end of a wooden coffee table! Their tethered ankles hold them apart but Susan and Shyla strain desperately toward each other; togetherness is no improvement, though, as Shyla's left leg and Susan's right are roped together so that a pair of pussies are exposed!

Busty blonde Olivia Austin undergoes a ropework massage when she's secured to the glossy table by a taut rope network! Gagged with microfoam tape, Olivia's not a submissive subject, but her contortions against the bonds that spread her legs and frame her breasts leave the buxom nude just as restrained as when she started squirming! 

Long-legged, lithe and lovely, Ashley Lane lies spread on a bed, her limbs stretched to its four corners! The creamy-skinned nude beauty twists from side-to-side and protests vigorously but the tape sealing her lips nullifies her message! No words are necessary to convey her meaning after a vibrator's tied onto her clit and its buzzing pulses guide her inevitably into orgasm-land!

What's wrong with this picture: gorgeous girlfriends Mia Malkova and Kenna James sit naked and tightly bound on the floor struggling desperately to escape...or are they? No, in fact, it looks like they're making out, snuggling together and locking lips! Even tape-gags can't discourage the urge to kiss; with Mia's left leg tied to Kenna's left just below their knees, these luscious blondes are turned-on by an authentic bondage connection! 

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