Belle's Bondage Dilemma

Release Date: Apr.13.2015
Running Time: 0:59:34
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Cadence Lux, Phoebe Queen, Belle Fatale

An ominous obligation leads Belle Fatale to betray her innocent girlfriends into bondage!

Belle Fatale's gambling problem has put her in a deep hole, but the gentleman holding her notes offers a novel method of wiping out the debt: Bring me a couple of your cute friends and turn them into bondage toys! Belle's sick at the thought of such treachery, but finally lures Phoebe Queen by promising her a meeting with an important film producer willing to promote Phoebe's acting career. And Phoebe looks alluring indeed in her blue bikini set off by smart-girl glasses, but it's the ropes and gag that matter most to her devious host! Once the petite brunette stands trussed and cleave-gagged in a sunny backyard, Belle's ordered to fondle her bare breasts and sneak a hand between Phoebe's legs! After the squirming plaything's seated on a bench, Belle removes her heels, then tickles her bare soles and sucks her toes! 

Belle's kinky creditor was delighted by Phoebe and he's equally impressed by Cadence Lux, the next appealing performer beguiled by his debtor. Cadence is a blonde, taller than Phoebe and she puts up more of a fight but she can't avoid bondage, so once again a reluctant Belle dishevels her bikini, teases her nipples and strokes her pussy! Lying facedown on the couch, cleave-gagged Cadence squeals while Belle tickles and mouths her bare feet; before going to check on Phoebe, Belle leaves the indignant girl in a hogtie, which Cadence fails to disrupt despite vigorous arching! 

If watching Belle play with one bound and gagged beauty is thrilling, reasons the puppet-master, why not double his pleasure? Trussed-up naked, Phoebe and Cadence sit together on a wooden deck with a swimming-pool in the background, powerless to prevent Belle from stuffing cloth in their mouths, then sealing the deal with microfoam tape! It's obvious that the formerly conflicted debtor's now enjoying her role as she toys with the whimpering couple; she's even more aroused when Cadence and Phoebe are flipped onto their stomachs so that she can swat their bottoms and tantalize their soles! 

Not a bad day for Belle -- she's worked off her debt and had some naughty fun in the bargain! At least that's the way it looks, until she notices that Phoebe and Cadence are free now and looking pissed-off; seems that the diabolical conspirator's eager for some two-on-one domination! And he sure gets it: After Belle's naked and roped standing to a square post, the girls she scammed avenge their humiliation by stuffing and taping her mouth, groping her breasts and tugging on a crotch-rope as she squeals! Impressed by their intense performance, the devious creep tells Cadence and Phoebe they can go on their way -- but not so fast, turns out the creditor has a creditor of his own and he's even nastier!

Yes, the late-arriving villain demands that all three women submit to ropes, gags and his own version of good, clean fun! So three apprehensive nudes tentatively walk into a spacious wood-floored room centered on a fireplace; Belle, Cadence and Phoebe are gagged with duct tape and their torsos coiled with rope but their legs are left free. After the new boss commands them to press their breasts together, they timidly comply; when he's satisfied with their antics, they're placed on the floor with their knees and ankles tied. The heartless man then makes an offer they can't refuse: The first girl who wriggles out of her ropework during a ten-minute window of opportunity can walk away from Bondage Manor! Naturally, all three writhe frantically, but their bonds predictably defeat them; happily informed by their master that they'll be staying for awhile, Cadence, Phoebe and Belle are more strictly restrained by the addition of waist- ankle tethers! Guilt-stricken Belle's eyes attempt to convey her apologies to the innocent girls, but there's no turning back the clock! 

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