Lexi Belle: Halloween Hostage

Release Date: Apr.23.2011
Running Time: 0:51:50
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Lexi Belle, Loren Chance

Sweet little Lexi Belle wanted this year's Halloween party to be the best ever! But when a fearsome witch with bondage on her mind shows up early, Lexi's Halloween takes a sinister turn!


After she overpowers Lexi, cleave gags her and ropes the adorably costumed little blonde onto a stool, the witchy woman proclaims her grandiose vision: to attain great magical powers, she must find an innocent virgin, then bind and gag her five times in five different positions while intoning ancient mystical chants! As Lexi strains against her bonds, she fears the worst!


Stripped to her panties and tape gagged, the trussed up Lexi squirms and whimpers as she kneels on a brown leather armchair! Her bizarre captor continues to recite occult spells while lustfully fondling Lexi's breasts, which have been framed with taut black ropes!


The crazed sorceress accelerates her diabolical campaign by securing the dazed and naked Lexi head down to a crimson recliner and tying a cloth over her mouth to muffle her pleas for release! Lexi struggles feebly while her tormentor oils her feet and body before menacing her with a wand!


The dead hands of skeletal arms brush against a shivering Lexi as she lies on the floor, mouth sealed with duct tape, hands tied under her knees, thumbs to toes! The wicked witch ritualistically moves helpless Lexi from lying on her side to her back to her knees!


The horrifying culmination of Lexi's torment occurs as the naked pawn lies frogtied and ballgagged on a pentagram that's surrounded by skulls and candles! The voice of the sorceress rises to a maniacal peak, Lexi writhes at her feet and the powers of evil seem certain to triumph...but toying with black magic can be hazardous! 


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