Cali Logan: Tied Down!

Release Date: Apr.23.2011
Running Time: 0:54:0
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Cali Logan, Nikki Nefarious, Loren Chance

Cali Logan and her dad made a great criminal team -- until they ran into a vengeful pair who made Cali their bound and gagged hostage!


Cali's job interview with Nikki Nefarious ends when she and her crooked father double-team the bewildered businesswoman, gag her and truss her to her chair. While Nikki struggles angrily and squeals for Security, the dysfunctional family waltzes off with an invaluable drive that contains cutting-edge tech data!


Dad leaves the country with their prize, but Cali makes the crucial error of lingering too long after the theft! Now it's her turn to be double- teamed as Nikki and her hard-nosed associate Loren Chance surprise Cali, bind and gag her, then carry her off to make an exchange with her larcenous father!


When Cali tearfully claims that she's unable to contact her father, Nikki and Loren get tough by forcing her to strip to bra and panties, then ball-tying and tape-gagging her! As they watch Cali writhing on the floor, Loren tells Nikki that she'll start putting the word out on the grapevine that they'll trade their little hostage for the drive!


It'll take time for Cali's dad to hear that she's at the mercy of two hostile women, so while they wait, an angry Nikki ratchets up the payback on her captive's curvy little body! Bare-breasted now, Cali's first hogtied and tape-gagged on a bed, then roped to the head of the bed while whimpering through her tape-sealed mouth! But there may be a light at the end of Cali's tunnel: Dad's in touch and agreeable to ransoming his daughter!


Cali's still in bondage, but wrapped in a robe, lightly tied and cleave- gagged while she and her captors wait for the villain to arrive! By the time he comes and goes, however, Cali will be joined in restraint by the women who believed they were in charge and a strangely erotic three-sided battle of the bound will ensue as the climax to this immoral drama! 


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