Bondage Is In Fashion

Release Date: Oct.19.2015
Running Time: 0:45:6
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Gigi Allens, Holly Manning, Mia Malkova

Dresses, lingerie, ropes and gags -- they're all part of a deranged designer's plan!

"I know that I have a genius for fashion design; that's the simple truth. But I needed an important designer to help me receive the recognition I deserve, so I tried to contact Holly Manning. But when the high and mighty Ms. Manning wouldn't deign to meet with me, I took the initiative and paid her an unexpected visit! As I developed my creative skills with fabric, I also became handy with rope -- rigging is the term that's become fashionable, if you don't mind a little play on words. So I had no trouble tying up Holly once I surprised her; she had some pretty nasty things to say but I quieted her down with a few strips of duct tape! Once Holly was tied to a chair, I explained the reason for my visit while she wriggled around in her disappointingly drab grey slacks and top (though her sandals were quite stylish and neatly displayed her elegant feet). I'd brought along several of my designs that she'd be wearing; I'd also tipped off a pair of dim-witted but gorgeous detectives about Holly's plight and expected that they'd be arriving soon. Mia Malkova and Gigi Allens were terrible at their jobs but would be spectacular models; once Holly saw them wearing my outfits, she'd recognize how gifted I was! A daring but drastic scheme? Sure, but you can't win big if you don't wager big!" 

"Mia and Gigi arrived just as I expected and I was there to welcome them! I knew Holly was nice and secure, so I made sure that my model-detectives were just as effectively restrained! After they thought I was gone, I couldn't resist eavesdropping as they writhed on the floor of the room where I'd confined them. Their clothing was strictly workaday of course, but Mia was quite fetching in her pink top and tight little denim shorts, while Gigi's long legs looked great in tight jeans; her black top matched nicely with the black cloth I'd tied between those lush lips! While I was back with Holly helping her into a smashing red dress I'd created, those bad girls made some progress tugging at each other's ropes as they rolled around on the floor. But I got back in time to prevent any damage to my project; I continued to control them while they doffed their clothing and slipped into two more of my path-breaking dresses; Mia and Gigi weren't very happy but they looked fabulous!" 

"Time for the first act in my admittedly unconventional fashion show! Holly stood against the wall in her red dress that was even more delightful matched with white rope and gag accessories! She observed as I brought in Gigi, who was a vision of edgy glamour in a black top and tight miniskirt that showed off plenty of leg and midriff! Then I nudged Mia onto the runway; she brought tears to my eyes in a piquant colored print dress with a summery feel -- one of my proudest designs! Of course, both she and Gigi were some what restricted in the motions of their torsos because they were bound, though their legs were unrestrained. I was a bit disappointed, though not surprised, by the gag-muffled negativity from all three; this was going to be an even tougher sell than I expected! Yes, I'll admit I was a bit peeved, so after lining them up against the wall for some photo- mementos, I had them sit on the floor, removed their heels and tied their ankles. Their complaining never stopped, even after I tape-gagged them, but I did have the satisfaction of watching Holly, Gigi and Mia all struggling desperately on shining hardwood in MY creations!" 

"You should know that I also design lingerie, so I wanted Holly to see my work in this line. That's why I tied her standing in another of my colorful flowery blouses; her hands were hitched overhead to the top of a cabinet where she could watch my bound models! I attired Mia in delicate lilac bra and panties, while black bra, garter-belt and patterned stockings matched wonderfully with Gigi's blonde glamour. They were seated side-by-side on a low wooden table and twisted quite artistically in their bonds; gag- murmuring by Holly and both models furnished an invigorating accompaniment to the trio's contortions! Because variety is the spice of fashion, I altered Holly's restraint by lowering her arms and tying her hands behind her; Mia and Gigi received a more drastic overhaul in the form of that fascinating example of bodily flexibility known as the hogtie! As Holly articulated her disapproval in the background, I was impressed to see Mia and Gigi arch in the foreground, their eyes quite expressive above the white tape over their mouths! Two pairs of feet rose behind their head, Mia's bare and Gigi's veiled by the black hose; I was suddenly struck by the realization that I was creating art! Holly might never grasp my genius, but more enlightened spirits would!" 

"Now that I understood the true nature of my achievement, I abandoned any further efforts to impress a mediocrity like Holly. Instead, I dug deeper into the vault of my inspiration -- no need for Mia and Gigi to model my clothing, so I arranged them naked on a couch, both seated on their hips with their ankles drawn up close to their hips! Holly I permitted to remain clothed, back in one of her unimaginative white top and denim capri combinations; I placed her in a large armchair facing the nude couple, her wrists and ankles also rope-linked. As a naughty touch before exiting, I freed Gigi and Mia's legs so that they could kneel facing each other on the couch, their breasts in bold proximity; Holly I tilted forward over the chair arm so that she appeared to be an interested onlooker of the naked blondes' plight. Before leaving them to follow my destiny, I recorded my triumph by taking hundreds of photos, then bade them an exhilarated farewell, unmoved by the outraged squeals escaping those industrially-inspired duct-tape gags!" 

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