Thrilling Bondage Stories

Release Date: Oct.19.2015
Running Time: 0:52:11
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Samantha Hayes, Keira Nicole, Alex Grey, Sovereign Syre, Edyn Blair, Mila Brite

Curled up on a couch and talking on the phone to her friend Samantha Hayes, lovely Keira Nicole reveals nervous apprehension that turns out to be well- founded! Before Samantha can join her, Keira's been taken to a building under construction, where she sits on the wooden floor of an empty room; barefoot now, she's tape-gagged and tied hand and foot. When Samantha finally locates her friend, Keira hopes for rescue but instead the slender girl's seized and soon struggles next to Keira on the floor in nearly-identical naked bondages that accentuate their breasts by surrounding them with rope! Murmuring to each other through their tape-gags, Samantha and Keira roll on their sides as they attempt to free themselves from their bonds -- how will they ever escape this mysterious predicament? 

Sweet little blonde Alex Grey's been entrusted to the tender care of tall, powerful and very kinky bad girl Sovereign Syre, which means Alex is about to go on a voyage of submissive discovery! Alex's wrists and arms are already bound and her mouth covered with tape when Sovereign leads the barefoot guest to a chair, then seats her and binds her ankles. Neatly trussed-up in her skimpy bra and panties, apprehensive Alex struggles in the chair after Sov takes a break, but she's in for a lot more squirming when the mean lady in red returns! Once she's bared the defenseless girl's rope-framed breasts, Sov teases her nipples, then straddles her so that Alex can enjoy a close-up view of the dom's naked chest! Ms. Syre concludes her arrogant exploration of Alex's slender body by raising her bare feet for a bout of sole- tickling!

"What the heck am I doing here?" is the thought going through Edyn Blair's mind during her bewildering moments lying bound and gagged on a mattress in a box-filled room! Wearing only a short-short blue nighty, buxom redhead Edyn sits almost passively at first, discouraged by the taut ropework mastering her body. But Edyn soon recognizes that mumbling for help through a tape-gag is futile so she begins to test the bondage with all her strength; unfortunately, her animated struggling also proves unsuccessful! Flat on her stomach, Edyn strains pathetically and kicks up her red-nailed bare feet, but accomplishes nothing except working up the nighty to reveal her round bottom! 

Sovereign Syre grudgingly abdicates her dominant role because her red dress and heels are nowhere to be seen, just white bra and panties that are accompanied by coils of tan rope as she lies facedown on a bed! Gagged with duct tape, her legs tethered to the bed's wire headboard, buxom Sov writhes unhappily on her stomach. But the dark-haired tough chick's humiliation is just beginning -- before long, Sov's large but shapely bare feet are raised up and hitched to her wrists so that she can only arch in hogtied futility and utter tape- gagged complaints! 

The woman's voice ordering Mila Brite to undress, then gag herself with mouth packing and duct tape, was calm but emphatic. She was there on a larcenous endeavor, so it was necessary for Mila's voluptuous little body to be well-secured with rope and her lips sealed! Sitting bound, gagged and naked on a yellow lounge, Mila twisted noisily, then attempted to stand despite a toe-tie that pinned her red-nailed bare feet together! To discipline Mila's defiance, her unwelcome guest repositions the bound nude on her stomach, where she continues to battle her bondage by kicking up a pair of arched soles! 

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