Casting Calls For Bondage

Release Date: Jan.27.2012
Running Time: 0:49:0
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Tiffany Marshall, Nicole Phillips, Lexi Belle Presley Hart, Charlie Royce, Brett Rossi, Julia Fair

When you're the director of an adventure-thriller B-movie, it's crucial that you cast a sexy, exciting leading lady and an equally hot villainess. Fortunately the two leading candidates are Tiffany Marshall and Nicole Phillips, who both have what it takes to light up the screen -- but our cinema auteur must still decide who's the good girl and who's the bad. And what better way to make the decision than to let them take turns binding and being bound?

As the first part of the audition unfolds, Tiffany's the trussed-up and tape- gagged heroine held captive by Nicole, who effectively projects her pleasure in the helpless girl's plight as she phones her sinister boss, then jauntily plucks the sandals from Tiffany's immaculately pedicured bare feet after hitching her wrist-to-ankle on her side (don't know if this bit of business was in the script!).

Once the roles are reversed, Nicole struggles in her bondage with vibrant emotion while Tiffany clearly relishes her role as the elegant adventuress toying with her indignant hostage! Energetically writhing on her side, Nicole's a highly convincing damsel-in- distress, though her slender frame conveys a greater sense of frailty in the role than the more curvaceous Tiffany.

Tiffany and Nicole both believe that they've successfully concluded their auditions, but directors have been known to tinker with scripts when they have a brainstorm! With two such impressive starlets to cast, he reasons, why not feature a matched pair of grabbed  heroines? Glad to have the gig but reluctant to continue the audition, Nicole and Tiffany generate a formidable level of indignation as they squirm side-by-side and tethered to a stairway railing. Teetering on high heels and clad in appealingly short dresses, the tape- gagged beauties swivel and squeal in a scene bound to delight director and audience alike!

It's a sad commentary on modern society when two innocent young women like Lexi Belle and Presley Hart can't relax bikini-clad in their backyard without becoming helpless pawns of depraved home- invaders! Stripped of their tops and gagged with duct-tape, Lexi and Presley are roped onto bar-stools placed poolside to accentuate their jeopardy! Barefoot and bare-breasted, the two petite captives struggle cautiously and whimper under the gaze of their callous captors!

Charlie Royce sits bound and helpless in an armchair, the captive of frustrated thieves who can't locate the tiny but valuable jewels they believe are in her possession. Despite her unenviable situation, Charlie's nearly convinced the crooks that they've got the wrong girl -- until the light bulb flashes on in one of their vice-ridden brains and he orders Charlie to slip off her shoes! So near to escaping their greedy clutches, Charlie unhappily exposes her bare feet, revealing the sparkling and colorful jewels cemented to the nails of her big toes! Cleave-gagged and propped lengthwise in the chair, Charlie squirms desperately while the thugs await a specialist who will harvest the jewelry.

When leggy and luscious blonde starlet Brett Rossi encounters catsuited dominant beauty Julia Fair, it's a no-brainer that somebody will soon be squirming in bondage! What's shocking is that it's latexed lovely Julia who's wriggling hogtied and ball-gagged on a massage table while Brett torments her! The fresh-faced ingenue unleashes her sadistic self by pulling off Julia's platform heels, then reducing the captive to shrieking subjugation by tickling the hell out of her ultra-sensitive bare soles!

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