Costume Bondage Terror

Release Date: Feb.17.2012
Running Time: 0:42:36
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Lee Smith, Charlie Royce, Tiffany Marshall, Carissa Montgomery, Aiden Ashley

Tall and elegant, Lee Smith looks every inch the queen in her Marie Antoinette costume -- a captive queen that is! Boiling with indignation at her plight, Lee struggles vigorously against the stylish rope network pinioning her body and strives to protest through the thick black cleave spreading her lips!

Grabbed by gamblers, gorgeous athlete Charlie Royce rolls around on the floor as she exerts all her strength to break free from her irksome bondage! Bound with dark rope that presses against her bright-red uniform and white knee socks, Charlie protests angrily behind her tape-gag and kicks up her sneakered feet as she squirms on her stomach!

Hard-working nurse Tiffany Marshall receives a rude reception when she returns home: Restrained with taut coils of black rope encircling her white uniform and stockings, and silenced by strips of black tape, Tiffany watches fearfully as a thief loots her house!

Fool around with Lee Smith's boyfriend at your peril, as cute barmaid Tiffany Thomas learns the hard way! Surprising Tiffany at her home, statuesque Lee binds the smaller woman to a railing, cleave- gags her, then showers her with threats! Before leaving, the aggressive Ms. Smith perches her bound and gagged captive on a stool and watches in satisfaction as the thoroughly intimidated Tiffany squirms and whimpers!

Sexy chambermaids Carissa Montgomery and Aiden Ashley take an unwelcome work-break when they're victimized during a robbery! Trussed up several yards apart on the floor, Aiden and Carissa wriggle closer together so they can attempt to loosen each other's bonds! Writhing feverishly and gasping through cloth-cleaved mouths, the desperate girls exert so much energy that their breasts burst free from their costumes!

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