Helpless Barefoot Cuties

Release Date: Apr.25.2016
Running Time: 0:48:12
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kristen Scott, Shaye Rivers, Jada Skye, Molly Mae, Summer Day, Jillian Janson

Two petite housemates quiver in bras and panties as they sit trussed to chairs and tape-gagged while money-hungry intruders search their home! Their small bodies securely restrained, Shaye Rivers and Kristen Scott are powerless to do anything other than murmur apprehensively to each other until Kristen's freed so she can guide the thugs to hidden cash! To Shaye's astonishment, feisty Kristen comes racing back after tricking the dim-witted bad guy and locking him in a bathroom! But before she can release her friend, Kristen's interrupted by the angry gang-moll, who orders the two unfortunate girls to be hogtied on the bar's black granite countertop! After the disgusted thieves depart with much less loot than they expected to harvest, Shaye and Kristen arch and squirm on their stomachs as they call feebly for help!

Jada Skye's had an active day so when the exotic beauty returns home, she slips off her shoes and curls up on the couch for a nap. But when Jada opens her eyes, she's in for a shock -- stripped to her skimpy panties, she sits on the edge of the couch with her wrists and ankles bound, her shapely breasts framed with rope, and her lush lips spread by a white cleave gag! Alarmed by her plight, Jada strains desperately, but suddenly finds herself lying on her stomach; wide-eyed and whimpering, Jada kicks up her toe-tied bare feet to reveal a pair of exquisitely-sculpted soles! Then, in an instant, Jada's kneeling on the couch, carefully balancing her lithe, nearly-bare body! When she awakes, Jada's relieved that the nightmare's over, but its imagery has been a dream for any bondage-loving viewer! 

The photo-shoot's going great, with blonde sprite Molly Mae sizzling in a shiny gold nighty, then the photographer suggests a kinky change of pace! Molly's hesitant at first, but allows herself to be bound, and she twists seductively in a chair as the camera fires shot after shot! Ready for release, Molly's stunned to find that the shutterbug has a very different agenda; gagged with duct tape, she murmurs indignantly, especially after her breasts are bared! The predatory cam guy has one big surprise left for Molly, which occurs when he lifts her legs and attaches her ankles to the top of a second chair. After tying Molly's big toes, he's arranged the perfect angle on the squirming little model's enticingly arched bare soles!

A bed's usually a restful place, but blonde dazzler Summer Day's certainly not resting as she kneels there, her rope-bound torso supported by a hanging chain while she tries to speak through a red ball in her mouth! Before long, Summer's breasts escape from her semi-transparent black bra and the daring young lady flexes her bare feet as she leans far forward to challenge her bondage! Summer's feet take on a more prominent role when her position's reversed -- it's now her legs that are raised to the chain while she lies back against the bed's headboard! Toe-tied Summer's pink soles arch and spread during struggles that emphasize the awkward allure of her predicament!

Pretty office-worker Jillian Janson just happens to be in the wrong place when a n escaped female convict goes on the prowl! As the woman's harsh voice commands Jillian to strip, the intimidated young woman slips off her shoes, then peels off her blouse and skirt. Permitted to retain her lingerie, barefoot Jillian soon sits on the edge of her desk, tightly bound in pink bra and panties, with a knotted black cleave between her lips! When she stretches out her legs in a tentative effort to leave the desk, Jillian's immobilized on top of it with coils of rope that fold her legs close to her chest! 

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