Two Sexy Realtors In A Tied-Up Adventure

Release Date: Apr.25.2016
Running Time: 0:45:30
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning, Sara Liz

Realtors Holly Manning and Sara Liz encounter big trouble on the job! 

When Holly hears rumors of mysterious activities at one of her real- estate company's industrial warehouse properties, she immediately visits the site to investigate them. A shocking encounter confirms the reality behind the rumors when a tall and powerful man seizes Holly; pinned to an office chair with rope and gagged with a thick white cloth tied over her mouth, she's held in bondage by a band of squatters who can't allow her to blow the whistle on their nefarious activities! Straining against her bonds, rolling around in the chair and kicking off her heels, Holly tries desperately to escape her harrowing plight but still remains in restraint when she hears a familiar voice! It's her partner Sara who's come searching for Holly after her phone calls aren't returned; when she finds Holly, Sara quickly removes her gag but before she can free her bound partner, the squatter returns to prevent their conspiracy from being exposed! 

It's Sara's turn to struggle as she lies gagged and bound with white tape on a sofa; the leggy blonde kicks up her bare feet as she squirms on her stomach, then twists onto her side! She's still no closer to freeing herself when Holly's pushed into the room, also tape-bound-and-gagged; after Holly's knees and ankles are also taped, the anxious partners sit side-by-side on the couch and murmur to each other in disbelief! At first, Sara tries to peel the tape off Holly's legs with her toes, then Holly rolls onto the floor and kneels while plucking at the tape wrapped around Sara's wrists. When their sinister host returns to check on the troublesome realtors, Holly's lying on her back, about to peel off Sara's gag with her toes! 

The squatter clan obviously believes these feisty professional women require some confidence-curbing, so their ropes are replaced by plastic ties and their gags with duct tape! Holly and Sara stand barefoot and apprehensive against a wall; Holly's red blouse and black skirt are accentuated by white zip-ties, while Sara's orange dress receives the black-tie treatment. After they're seated on the floor, their humorous hosts add small plastic circles that leave Sara and Holly toe-tied; barely able to move, the still manage to stretch out their legs, then fold onto their hips so that their bare soles touch!

Rope-bound once more, Holly and Sara sit next to each other on a large black circular platform; in the background, an ominous metal spiderweb reinforces the atmosphere of entrapment! The tape-gagged and toe-tied pair have never encountered a challenge more daunting than the one that chills their spirits now, yet they continue to pit their slender limbs against the fiendish opponents who've trussed them so ruthlessly! Sara and Holly kick up their feet and roll onto their sides until they're hitched together by a rope around their waists -- but Holly finally liberates herself from her bonds! Before racing away, she promises Sara that she'll return with the law; for the still rope-restrained blonde, Holly's words bring little comfort! 

Sara's worries materialize after she's stripped naked and taken to a dark room filled with apparatus that would have been at home in an inquistor's dungeon; there she's attached to a black metallic device by ropes encircling her wrists and ankles! Gagged with duct-tape and tied down on the black frame with her legs spread, the panicky realtor contorts with desperate futility; her domination escalates when she's blindfolded with swaths of microfoam tape wrapped around her head! But when her plight reaches its darkest depths, Sara hears the voice she'd longed for -- Holly's as good as her word and has returned to rescue her and round up the squatters! 

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