Gaggable Guys

Release Date: Feb.20.2014
Running Time: 0:53:29
Category: Men In Bondage

Starring: Lance, Cali Logan, Gunnar, Lena Shelby, Harvey, Cassie Laine, Mark, Keira Kelly, Mark, Keira Kelly, Derek, Chloe Lynn, Aaron, Carissa Montgomery

Newlyweds Cali Logan and Lance bought a fixer-upper in a questionable neighborhood, but it was there first home and a fresh start for their new life. The weekend was suppose to be spent renovating, but a bad guy pushes his way in and tells Cali and Lance that the house used to be a location where stolen cash was hidden; and he's here to get it! While Cali assists him in looking around the house for the package, Lance is tied to a chair and gagged!

Gunnar loses a football bet to Lena Shelby, guess he's not as much of a jock as he'd like to think. Now, she's able to do anything she wants to him and it doesn't take long for the crafty blonde to come up with an exciting idea... for her at least! Luckily, Gunnar is a good sport and allows her to bind him to a tree, but that's not all Lena's got in store!

Harvey's angry to find that Cassie Laine is dating an older man so he confronts them. Cassie's new boyfriend pretends to be friendly and takes him aside while Cassie waits for them to discuss the situation. But when they return, Cassie's shocked to see that Harvey's tied and tape-gagged; her new man points out that he's clearly better- suited to take care of her! Despite her surprise at the strange development, Cassie leaves with her new guy while Harvey struggles in frustration.

Masseuse Keira Kelly dreads the drama when Mark shows up because he tends to get grabby and make suggestive remarks. So Keira prepares a very special massage for her problem client and when he rolls in drunk, he makes it easy to carry out her overpowering, rope filled scheme!

It takes a little convincing, batting of her big blue eyes and soft whispers to the ears, but adorable Chloe Lynn talks Derek into letting her tie him up and once he's bound on the bed, Chloe teases him with her bare feet and makes him suck her toes!

It's a black day for submissive Aaron, who's bound with black rope and gagged with black tape by Carissa Montgomery, who of course wears black lingerie and heels! Mistress Carissa drags Aaron to a corner of the living-room, ties his ankles and orders him to stay there without moving a muscle; when he gets restive, the angry dom pulls him onto the floor and tethers him ankle to knees before tantalizing him with the breasts he'll never touch!

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