Dressed For Success, Bound With Ropes, Gagged With

Release Date: Oct.31.2016
Running Time: 0:46:27
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Scarlett Sage, Aspen Rae, Megan Sage, Ivy Jones, Holly Manning

Attired in a black pin-striped suit and white high-heeled sandals, Scarlett Sage retains a businesslike appearance even as she stands bound to a stair-railing and gagged with duct-tape! Perhaps it has something to do with the attache case next to her, which Scarlett desperately hopes hasn't been noticed by the intruder who surprised her when she returned home. But he does decide to examine it before leaving, then shows his gratitude for its exciting contents by lowering Scarlett onto the floor, where she squirms bare-breasted in tethered restraint! Once he's gone, spunky Scarlett wriggles along the hardwood in her stockinged feet and leans against the front door just as her amazed housemate comes in the back door! 

An eye-catching sight in her short red top, tight white knee-length skirt and peep-toe spike heels, defiant muscular beauty Aspen Rae stands in bondage before a cabinet, her protests suppressed by a microfoam tape-gag! Dark hair flowing over her shoulders, Aspen rotates in frustration while supported by an overhead rope, but her resistance is unable to prevent further humiliation when she's tethered waist-to-ankle on the floor, where she strains angrily after her breasts have been bared and her shoes removed! 

Megan Sage revealed the safe's location only after it was clear that she had no choice, then she was bound and gagged. Neatly trussed in her blouse, skirt and heels, Megan sits on the floor with her back against a couch; eyes wide above a microfoam tape-gag, the dark-haired damsel's distress is just beginning! After her breasts are bared by mean-spirited thieves, Megan strains against unrelenting bonds with her stockinged feet folded up close to her hip, then rolls onto her side and continues her unavailing contortions! 

When things go very wrong at the office, willowy blonde secretary Ivy Jones has her mobility curtailed by tight coils of tan rope and her voice silenced by strips of black electrical tape! Seated on her chair in a tight pinstripe top and black skirt, Ivy twists with vigorous futility before being removed to another locale, where she's placed on a couch. Her feet bare and her pert breasts exposed, Ivy continues to test her bondage until she's placed on her knees against the arm of the couch as a parting gesture of the unpleasant people holding her! 

Holly Manning's trapped at her desk in bondage that consists of white rope drawn tightly around her blue blouse, knees and ankles as she sits in a wooden chair! Gagged with duct tape, the stunned businesswoman strains against the unfamiliar restraints and kicks up her stockinged feet; when her movements suggest that she may try to leave the chair, Holly's pinned to it with a rope web around her thighs and waist! As a warning to avoid troublesome behavior, her blouse is opened to reveal an ample brassiered bosom. 

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