Pretty Girls Strenuous Struggles

Release Date: Oct.31.2016
Running Time: 0:51:32
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Megan Sage, Scarlett Sage, Ivy Jones, Shavelle Love, Janira Wolfe

It's not clear how the massage went so wrong, but there's a buxom and very naked Megan Sage kneeling in bondage on a padded table, the look of alarm in her eyes at least partially caused by the blue ball-gag in her mouth! Supported by a rope and chain linkage, Megan twists back and forth in a one-sided battle against her ropework before she's lowered onto the table into a hogtie! Her bare feet pinned together with a toe-tie, Megan gamely arches while drooling delicately onto the massage table.

Petite nude Scarlett Sage may be standing bound in the corner with duct tape sealing her lips but that won't prevent the feisty sprite from hopping toward the curtained window! Scarlett's bid to gain attention, however, is thwarted by an unsympathetic oppressor who orders her to hop back from the window, then over to a couch. Powerless to resist, the little blonde does as she's told, then rolls onto the couch, where she struggles on her stomach and kicks up her bare feet!

Models don't get much cuter than Ivy Jones, who's looking especially adorable in a flowery red sarong and green plastic sandals! Ivy smiles brightly as she poses for the camera against a beachscape backdrop -- until the photo shoot's hijacked by predatory intruders who provide a very different look for the bewildered girl by seating her in bondage on the floor, a red bandanna gag between her lips! As wide-eyed Ivy writhes and whimpers, the intimidated videographer records her plight both before and after her breasts are bared!

Shavelle Love's peaceful sleep is rudely interrupted by cat-burglar Janira Wolfe, who straddles the astonished girl, then gags her pinned-down plaything with duct- tape! Once Shavelle's safely bound in her shining gold nighty, Janira's off to plunder the house while the lovely brunette squirms on her bed. But the blonde burglar's definitely not an "All work and no play" sort of thief, so she devotes plenty of time to fondling Shavelle's impressive rope-framed breasts and tickling her wrinkled bare soles!

If Janira had it to do over again, she'd probably take her loot and hit the road despite Shavelle's beckoning bound charms! Because the lustful bad girl's caught in the act and soon sits on the bed, her black suit coiled with white rope and her lips sealed with the tape she used on Shavelle! Her dark-haired former toy's in no mood to forgive, so Janira's bare feet and breasts receive the same attention from Shavelle as she inflicted on her sleepy hostess! After she's unmasked, the deflated burglar wriggles frantically on her side, very much aware that the cops are on the way. 

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